Arizona District-by-District Election Results


This allows you to visualize the election results in various districts. You can switch between LDs, CDs, and counties. That is, state legislative districts, US congressional districts, and counties.

In all cases, the color code corresponds to the results from a November 2022 statewide race. You can switch between the governor race and the US senate race. This allows you to compare one district to another without worrying about district-to-district variations in candidate quality. OTOH this doesn't solve all the world's problems, since the overall average color of the state remains sensitive to the quality of the statewide candidates. I reckon the state would be several points redder if the Rs had fielded stronger candidates.

Operating instructions:


  1. To repeat: A major selling point is that we show the district-by-district margins for statewide offices. This facilitates comparing one district against another. It's easy to find the district-by-district results for district-wide races, but for statewide races not so much. The data shown here is based on dredging through the precinct-by-precinct data.
  2. Another selling point is the visualization. Rather than staring at a jumble of numbers, you can directly visualize where the competitive districts are.
  3. Feel free to share this map page however you like.
  4. I can provide the .kml files if you want to play with them on your own computer, using google-earth (or fancier GIS tools if you've got 'em) ... but beware they are optimized for OpenLayers web GIS, not for google-earth.
  5. Also, I can provide the perl programs that do the data analysis, if you want to modify or extend them.