Arizona Legistlative Districts

Current Party Registration

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  1. A major selling point is that this data is broken down by state Legislative District. Although it is relatively easy to find the data for each state, county, or US congressional district, it is not so easy to come by LD-by-LD data. Just finding sufficiently granular raw data was a pain in the neck, and then I had to write 1000 lines of code to analyze it.
  2. Another selling point is the visualization. Rather than staring at a jumble of numbers, you can directly visualize where the competitive districts are.
  3. Feel free to share this map page however you like.
  4. See also the tabulated numerical data.
  5. You can download the .kml files and play with them on your own computer, using google-earth (or fancier GIS tools if you've got 'em) ... but beware they are optimized for OpenLayers web GIS, not for google-earth. The files are: ./deleg.kml and ./reg.kml and ./sen.kml
  6. Also, I can provide the perl programs that do the data analysis, if anybody wants to modify or extend them.
  7. Upstream data sources:
    1. Authoritative information about Arizona CDs and LDs, including ESRI shapefiles of the district boundaries, can be found here. The same site has some not-very-up-to-date information about the "competitiveness" of the districts.
    2. Authoritative and reasonably up-to-date information on voter registration, broken down by LD (and also by county) is available here. A particularly relevant example is here.
    3. Authoritative information about the makeup of the current legislative delegations is here.
    4. Authoritative reports of previous election results, granular down to the precinct level, is available for 2014 and 2016.
    5. An authoritative list of who will be on the August primary ballot can be found here.
    6. Independents who have filed enough signatures proceed directly to the general election, without a primary. An authoritative list is here.