Here is a list of product brands and merchants to avoid, along with recommended alternatives and some general suggestions

General Suggestions

Product Brands

Koch Industries Brands to AVOID

☠ Angel Soft toilet paper
☠ Quilted Northern toilet paper
☠ Soft 'n Gentle toilet paper
☠ Brawny paper towels
☠ Dixie plates, bowls, napkins, and cups
☠ Mardi Gras napkins and towels
☠ Sparkle napkins
☠ Vanity Fair napkins
☠ Zee napkins
☠ Georgia Pacific lumber and wood products

Other Brands to AVOID

☠ Goya (canned beans, dried beans, spices, etc.)
☠ Uline (boxes, barrels, bags, adhesive labels, tables, cabinets, etc.)


Procter & Gamble
✔ Bounty paper towels and napkins
✔ Charmin toilet paper

✔ Scott toilet tissue, paper towels, and napkins
✔ Kleenex facial tisue
✔ Cottonelle toilet paper
✔ Viva paper towels

Reynolds Consumer Products
✔ Hefty paper plates, bowls, and cups

✔ Solo paper cups and plates

✔ Chinet paper plates and cups

Marcal Paper Mills
✔ Marcal toilet tissue, facial tissue, towels, and napkins

There are many, many brands of beans, including:
✔ Bush's
✔ Teasdale
✔ Verde Valle
✔ various house brands

Also many brands of sauces and spices, including:
✔ La Victoria
✔ Pace
✔ Herdez
✔ various house brands

There are many local shipping-supplies manufacturers, plus a few large conglomerates. Major corrugated box manufacturers include:
✔ International Paper
✔ KapStone
✔ Mondi
✔ WestRock

Tape and label manufacturers include:
✔ 3M
✔ Avery-Dennison


Merchants to AVOID

☠ Home Depot
☠ Chick-Fil-A
☠ Hobby Lobby
☠ Walmart

Merchants to Visit Instead

✔ Lowe's
✔ Costco