From: Bill Shaw 
To: John Denker 
Subject: RE: rape culture
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2018 15:19:18 +0000

I apologize for not getting back to you.

As promised I did look into it and found that there was an investigation into the incident and found no reason to bring any charges. 

So if someone is accused of something and the authorizes so no reason for action the person is not pursued.


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Hi --

Three weeks ago (08/04/2018 11:52 AM) you wrote:

> I just saw this . I assure I will look into it ASAP and will get back 
> to you.  We maintain very high standards in everything we do. Will 
> just need a little time investigate.

What did you find out?

Context:  On Aug 4, 2018, at 11:21 AM, I wrote:
>> Hi --
>> You've got a standards-and-practices issue on your hands.  Your 
>> station is being used to spread rape culture.
>> Sean Mooney recently ran a piece that is one more tree in the vast 
>> forest of rape culture.  It features a candidate for US Congress who 
>> feels it's unfair when people call him a rapist, and insists that he 
>> "did nothing wrong".
>> his-name
>>  Somehow the piece overlooks the fact that by all accounts, including 
>> his own, he committed every element of the crime.  An intoxicated 
>> 16-year-old cannot consent.  That's common sense.  It's also common 
>> decency.  It's also the law:
>> There's a big difference 
>> between "too drunk to resist" and "consenting".  There's a big 
>> difference between "didn't get arrested" and "did nothing wrong".
>> Even if he didn't know at the time it was a felony, he should have 
>> known it was wrong.  Failing that, he should have figured out by now 
>> it was wrong.
>> Sean Mooney and KVOA should also have figured out that it was wrong.  
>> It's bad enough when somebody gets raped, but it's even worse when 
>> you tell the whole community that there is "nothing wrong" with it.  
>> We should make an issue of each rape ... but we should also make an 
>> issue of /rape culture/ as a whole.
>> References: 
>> 04661697859890
>> is-mom-makes-waves-at/
>> m
>> how-could-you-let-this-happen/
>> ===============
>> Specific questions: -- Under your standards and practices, is it OK 
>> to spread rape culture? -- Was the reporter too lazy to look up the 
>> original police report? -- Doesn't anybody at KVOA realize that sex 
>> without consent is rape?
>> If this is contrary to your standards and practices, obviously you've 
>> got a problem.  If it's not, then you have *two* problems, and you 
>> need to start by upgrading your standards and practices, stat.

Then on 08/04/2018 12:19 PM, I wrote:

> You might start by checking out the police report. The perp's friend, 
> who was "defending" him, said the victim was so drunk she passed out.
> 4661697859890
> If that's the "defense", he's got a big problem.
> The friend said "as far as he was concerned it was consensual" but he 
> obviously doesn't understand either the common-sense meaning or the 
> legal definition of consent.