We Neet to Plan Ahead

In order to survive the virus, and to survive the election, we need to plan ahead a little bit. This starts with taking stock of what we know and what we don’t know.

1  Stuff We Know Already

The virus outbreak is out of control. In some states (including Arizona) hospitals are at or beyond capacity. Morgues are at or beyond capacity. Death rates are increasing exponentially at a rapid rate.

None of this is necessary. We’ve known since February how to suppress the virus. See reference 1. We know what needs to be done; we’re just not doing it.

The #toadstool is not going to fix the problems. He just doesn’t have that gear. He has neither the inclination nor the ability. Instead, he specializes in deflecting blame for the problems. He has dishonestly blamed China, dishonestly blamed the WHO, dishonestly blamed governors, and dishonestly blamed Fauci. We can expect more of the same, ad infinitum.

Similarly, the Arizona governor has proven himself incapable of telling the truth about the problem, much less solving it.

Things cannot continue like this for very long. The cost in money, suffering, injury, and death is far too great. It’s intolerable already, and getting worse.

In particular, the election will not come soon enough. We cannot afford to wait until Nov. 3rd, much less Jan. 20th.

Similarly, a gubernatorial recall election cannot be arranged quickly enough. This is a matter of life and death on an epic scale, and there just isn’t enough time.

Pima County has started hiring a few contact tracers. That should have been done in February, but I guess better late than never. Also, they’re not hiring nearly enough. Given the size of the outbreak, thousands are needed, just in this one little county; see reference 2.

Most of the primary elections are over. The very last one is August 11th. This is relevant because R politicans tend to flip right during primary season, then flop toward the center for the general election.

Pima County passed a resolution “requiring” people to wear masks in public. However, it is unenforced and ineffective.

2  What’s Likely to Happen Next

It is just a matter of time, a few weeks at most, before we have millions of people marching in the streets, demanding justice for the people killed by presidential and gubernatorial wrongdoing.

By way of analogy: The wrongful response to the virus outbreak is more deadly than drunk driving, gun violence, and police brutality combined ... and just as needless.

Here’s something small we can do right now, to produce a modest but nontrivial benefit:

To protect the lives of store clerks as well as shoppers, it is important for businesses to require everyone in the place to wear masks. They are not obliged to do this, but they have the option. We should insist that they do. This goes double for “essential” businesses. We should organize boycotts against businesses that don’t require masks. Maybe even picket lines.

The #pussygrabber knows that if he loses on Nov. 3rd, he gets arrested on Jan. 20th or shortly thereafter. He’s not very good at planning ahead, but even he can figure this out. Therefore he will stop at nothing to retain power. Not even civil war. NOTHING.

It is very unlikely that he can win re-election except by cheating. We need to defend the electoral process against massive attack.

In particular: On Nov. 3rd I expect him to use civil unrest (real or imagined) as a pretext to send troops into the streets, to block access to polling places in Tucson, Miami, Philadelphia, Detroit, Cleveland, and a few other places — that is, blue areas in swing states. That’s all it takes to control the outcome of the election. He won’t cancel the election outright, because that would be harder to do and less advantageous for him.

This is why he is so fixated on preventing vote-by-mail.

He may start by sending Brownshirts into the streets to create violent unrest, and then send government troops to “solve the problem”.

We also have to defend against all the illegal manipulation (Russian and otherwise) that will go on before election day.

Now that the primaries are over, the #toadstool will find that his toadies are not quite so reliable. This includes members of congress, state legislators, local sheriffs, and anybody else who’s on the November ballot. They will start pushing back against the most extreme elements of his agenda.

State and local officials (whether or not they are on the ballot) are not going to sit around and let him deflect the blame onto them. They will push back, hard.

With any luck, this sort of pushback could create a positive-feedback loop, weakening him, making him more vulerable to additional short-term pushback, and making him more certain to lose the election.

The Arizona governor’s political career is over. He’s term-limited out at the end of 2022, and there’s no way he could win higher office, or even lower office.

It’s always important to have a specific “ask”. That is, we need to focus on a goal that is specific, feasible, and measurable.

3  What Would Putain Do?

We need to analyze things from #Bljadimir #Putain’s point of view. He’s not an idiot. He plans for the long term. It’s in his interest to keep his poodle in the white house.

4  References

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