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Donald Trump is an Evil Genius
Figure 1: Do not underestimate his evil ... or his genius.

1  Changing the Subject

For example, consider the issue of Nazis murdering people in the streets. The Thug-in-Chief said the people who were protesting the removal of a statue had a permit, but the counterprotesters did not.

The small point is, what he said is a lie. Actually it’s three lies in a single sentence, but let’s not obsess over that. The main point is that he’s changing the subject! We should be talking about Nazis murdering people in the streets, and he wants us to talk about irrelevant paperwork.

His cunning use of distraction turns red herrings green with envy, as Kathleen Parker put it. This is the shock doctrine on steroids. His method is to commit so many small outrages that we cannot focus on the big outrages.

Do not fall into his trap. Refuting his lies one by one is like standing on a nest of enraged hornets and putting a band-aid on each sting. I’m not saying we should tolerate his lies, but rather that we need to get rid of the root cause.

2  Lying

He has a tremendous ability to lie with a straight face. This is a fairly common trait among politicians, but he is the winner. Yoooge talent. The best lying you will ever see. Belieeeeve me.

Many of the people who voted for him say they like him because “he tells it like it is” – even though he lies constantly. This tells us several things:

3  Bottom Line

Do not underestimate his evil ... or his genius.

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