Flying near McSleazy's office requires notifying Davis Monthan Tower. Call them at 520 228 8833. They will want to know:
If they ask, give them a phone number where the pilot can be reached, but only if they ask. Call them the previous day, or at least a few hours in advance.

Feel free to forward this to interested parties. Let me know if you have any questions.

McCain's office and Flake's office are in the clear AFAICT.


Some advice and some flight-planning resources:
  1. The regulations for hobby/recreational flying; requires notification: FAR 107.
  2. The regulations for other (non-hobby/recreational) flying; requires ATC approval: FAR 107.
  3. Some high-quality guidance from AOPA. See also references therein.
  4. An online form for Marana (not directly relevant).
  5. A blow-by-blow description of the process, including the planning and analysis.
  6. A tool for finding the lat/lon of a point on an aviation VFR sectional chart.
  7. A tool for plotting a known point on a google street map.a
  8. A tool for converting lat/lon formats and finding distances and bearings.

Local Facts and Analysis

McSally office
  4400 E Broadway Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85711
  VFR sectional
  google map
  32° 13' 16.32", -110° 53' 52.7994"
  which is 3.89 statute miles on the 347° true radial
    NNW of the KDMA runway centroid
  the SE corner of the operations area is 3.8 statute miles on the 351° true radial
    NNW of the KDMA runway centroid

McCain office
  407 West Congress Street, Suite 103 / Tucson, AZ 85701
  VFR sectional
  google map
  32° 13' 16.0", -110° 58' 39.0"
  which is 6.7 statute miles on the 304° true radial
   NW from the KDMA runway centroid

KDMA Davis Monthan Air Force Base
    VFR sectional
    google map
    runway centroid: 32° 09' 58.9119", -110° 52' 59.4109"
    elevation: 2704 ft. / 824 m

Operations area bounding box:
          {lat: 32.2208, lng: -110.8925}
          {lat: 32.2208, lng: -110.9008}
          {lat: 32.2222, lng: -110.9008}
          {lat: 32.2222, lng: -110.8925}