Senate Seats Up in 2022

Brian SchatzHIDYes-18-0.443-0.112
Patrick LeahyVTDYes-15-0.36-0.12
Charles SchumerNYDYes-13.26-0.359-0.404
Alex PadillaCADYes-12.91-0.4280.14short appt
Chris Van HollenMDDYes-12.5-0.392-0.21
Tammy DuckworthILDYes-7.89-0.3360.109
Richard BlumenthalCTDYes-6.6-0.439-0.163
Patty MurrayWADYes-5.6-0.352-0.311
Ron WydenORDYes-4.4-0.33-0.476
Catherine Cortez MastoNVDYes-2.25-0.3690.331
Michael BennetCODYes-0.71-0.227-0.182
Ron JohnsonWIRNo-0.25flip0.605-0.271
Margaret HassanNHDYes0defend-0.232-0.027
Marco RubioFLRNo0.59flip0.568-0.269
Patrick ToomeyPARYes1flip0.646-0.288nrr
Mark KellyAZDYes2.33defend-0.160.558
Chuck GrassleyIARNo2.5flip0.346-0.064
Rob PortmanOHRNo2.69flip0.372-0.233nrr
Richard BurrNCRYes3.31flip0.45-0.053nrr
Raphael WarnockGADYes5.29defend-0.4280.14
Tim ScottSCRNo7.860.637-0.008
Roy BluntMORNo8.750.4260.275nrr
Lisa MurkowskiAKRYes90.212-0.29
Todd YoungINRNo9.110.473-0.027
John KennedyLARNo110.5940.206
Jerry MoranKSRNo13.250.4150.206
John ThuneSDRNo140.4110.137
Richard ShelbyALRNo14.430.430.523nrr
John BoozmanARRNo150.40.248
Rand PaulKYRNo15.670.876-0.482
John HoevenNDRNo160.3450.332
Mike CrapoIDRNo190.510.293
James LankfordOKRNo19.60.590.179
Mike LeeUTRNo200.917-0.398

The table is sorted in order of Cook PVI. A race with a PVI of R+2.5 should be a tossup, given comparable candidates and comparable funding. Any D with PVI=0 or greater is vulnerable. Any R with PVI=5 or less is vulnerable.

The ReEl column marks incumbents who are not running for reëlection.

The imp2 column indicates which way the senators voted during the second impeachment trial. Note that The Murk is the only R who voted to convict and is defending their seat in 2022.

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