Things We Should (or Should Not) Worry About
Between Now and Jan
. 20th

1  Non-Worries

2  Election-Related Worries

2.1  Overview

Here are the dates we should be worried about:

  1. Every day between now and election day, due to massive efforts to undermine the election.
  2. Especially election day, Tuesday Nov. 3rd; see section 2.2.
  3. Every day between election day and the end of the canvassing. Tuesday Dec. 8th is the deadline for counting all the votes and resolving any disputes.4 Remember Bush v Gore?
  4. Safe Harbor day, Tuesday Dec. 8th (5 weeks after election day). Deadline for states to certify who has won their electoral votes. After this date, congress has more leeway to question the state’s certificate.4,5
  5. Electoral College day, Monday Dec. 14th, when the electors gather in their state capitals to vote and sign their ballots.4
  6. Tally day, Wednesday Jan. 6th, 2021, when the congress meets to tally the electors’ ballots. This “ought to be” a purely ministerial task, but if there are disputes over the legitimacy of certain ballots, there are ungainly procedures for resolving them.4

The #pussygrabber is going to get arrested the day he leaves office, or shortly thereafter. He’s not very good at planning ahead, but even he can figure this out. Furthermore, Bljadimir Putain has figured this out and explained it to him. So he’s terrified. He will stop at nothing to get re-elected. Not even fomenting civil war. NOTHING.

This is a nasty business, and it’s going to get nastier.

2.2  Election Day Itself

On Nov. 3rd we can expect him to use civil unrest (real or imagined) as a pretext to block access to polling places in Tucson, Philadelphia, Detroit, Milwaukee, Miami, and a few other places — that is, blue areas in swing states. That’s all it takes to control the outcome of the election.

This is why he is so fixated on preventing vote-by-mail and in-person early voting. If enough Ds vote early, chaos on election day will mainly keep Rs from the polls, and his scheme will fail.3

Sending heavily-armed Brownshirts into the Michigan state capitol was partly a rehearsal for Nov. 3rd. Ditto for sending the Geheime Staatspolizei to snatch people off the streets of Portland.

I say “partly a rehearsal” because there is also a purely performative aspect to it. His base adores it when he bullies “those people” and "puts them in their place". The tough-guy shtick is what got him elected the first time, and he’s going to run the same playbook again. His goons are tasked with creating chaos, and also creating the appearance of chaos even when there is none.

Figure 1: Protester Grabbed in Portland (Nathan Howard photo)

2.3  Canvassing

We know #cheetoBenito is planning to have his supporters declare him the winner, no matter what the actual vote-tallies say. Part of his plan is to invalidate vote-by-mail ballots.3

3  Transition-Related Worries

The #toadstool did not participate in the transition process when he was on the way in, and stood to gain from it. This was administrative malpractice on an epic scale.7.

Now imagine how badly he’s going to screw it up when he’s on the way out. Malpractice compounded by malice.

As expressed by Bannon, the goal is the “deconstruction of the administrative state”. and sabotaging the transition is a good opportunity to finish the job.

A presidential transition is a big complicated undertaking. If it’s not done right, Bad Things will follow.7

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