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+# urandom - load seed-file into kernel pseudorandom number generator
+# This task is run on startup, as early as possible.
+description "load seed-file into urandom"
+# Initialize the PRNG as early as possible.
+# Actually, nothing upstart can do is early enough,
+# but this is better than nothing.
+# Note that the root filesystem is probably still read-only at this point.
+start on startup
+# The "urandom" event means the PRNG has been initialized.
+# You it may be possible to use /dev/random before this, at your own risk.
+emits urandom
+console output
+ SAVEDFILE=/var/lib/urandom/random-seed # probably belongs in a config file
+ if test -r "$SAVEDFILE" ; then
+ cat "$SAVEDFILE" > /dev/urandom
+ initctl emit urandom
+ fi
+end script
+# The seed file SHOULD NOT be reused.
+# We rely on urandom-save and urandom-adios to rewrite the seed file.