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+consider stripping vdoms for VERPs; tnx PJH
+consider ~ in qmail-local for doing defaultdelivery (not recursively)
+consider POP bulletins
+turn qmail-upq into a more serious queue-moving utility
+consider fast-greeting option in qmail-smtpd
+build a returnmail package
+expand strerr coverage
+redo control interface
+allow concurrency over 255
+allow more channels at compile time
+test for linux fifo close bug at compile time
+eliminate qsmhook
+finish OTBS conversion
+use mess822 in qmail-inject
+use mess822 in qreceipt
+use mess822 in qbiff
+use mess822 in maildirwatch
+eliminate token822, headerbody, hfield
+replace INTERNALS and THOUGHTS with a real paper describing qmail
+handle IPv6
+rewrite everything from scratch