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the big starttls patch
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--- a/qmail-remote.8
+++ b/qmail-remote.8
@@ -114,6 +114,10 @@ arguments.
always exits zero.
.TP 5
+.I clientcert.pem
+SSL certificate that is used to authenticate with the remote server
+during a TLS session.
+.TP 5
.I helohost
Current host name,
for use solely in saying hello to the remote SMTP server.
@@ -123,6 +127,16 @@ if that is supplied;
.B qmail-remote
refuses to run.
+.TP 5
+.I notlshosts/<FQDN>
+.B qmail-remote
+will not try TLS on servers for which this file exists
+.RB ( <FQDN>
+is the fully-qualified domain name of the server).
+.IR (tlshosts/<FQDN>.pem
+takes precedence over this file however).
.TP 5
.I smtproutes
Artificial SMTP routes.
@@ -156,6 +170,8 @@ may be empty;
this tells
.B qmail-remote
to look up MX records as usual.
+.I port
+value of 465 (deprecated smtps port) causes TLS session to be started.
.I smtproutes
may include wildcards:
@@ -195,6 +211,33 @@ Number of seconds
.B qmail-remote
will wait for each response from the remote SMTP server.
Default: 1200.
+.TP 5
+.I tlsclientciphers
+A set of OpenSSL client cipher strings. Multiple ciphers
+contained in a string should be separated by a colon.
+.TP 5
+.I tlshosts/<FQDN>.pem
+.B qmail-remote
+requires TLS authentication from servers for which this file exists
+.RB ( <FQDN>
+is the fully-qualified domain name of the server). One of the
+.I dNSName
+or the
+.I CommonName
+attributes have to match. The file contains the trusted CA certificates.
+this option may cause mail to be delayed, bounced, doublebounced, or lost.
+.TP 5
+.I tlshosts/exhaustivelist
+if this file exists
+no TLS will be tried on hosts other than those for which a file
+.B tlshosts/<FQDN>.pem