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+qmail is a secure, reliable, efficient, simple message transfer agent.
+It is meant as a replacement for the entire sendmail-binmail system on
+typical Internet-connected UNIX hosts.
+Secure: Security isn't just a goal, but an absolute requirement. Mail
+delivery is critical for users; it cannot be turned off, so it must be
+completely secure. (This is why I started writing qmail: I was sick of
+the security holes in sendmail and other MTAs.)
+Reliable: qmail's straight-paper-path philosophy guarantees that a
+message, once accepted into the system, will never be lost. qmail also
+supports maildir, a new, super-reliable user mailbox format. Maildirs,
+unlike mbox files and mh folders, won't be corrupted if the system
+crashes during delivery. Even better, not only can a user safely read
+his mail over NFS, but any number of NFS clients can deliver mail to him
+at the same time.
+Efficient: On a Pentium under BSD/OS, qmail can easily sustain 200000
+local messages per day---that's separate messages injected and delivered
+to mailboxes in a real test! Although remote deliveries are inherently
+limited by the slowness of DNS and SMTP, qmail overlaps 20 simultaneous
+deliveries by default, so it zooms quickly through mailing lists. (This
+is why I finished qmail: I had to get a big mailing list set up.)
+Simple: qmail is vastly smaller than any other Internet MTA. Some
+reasons why: (1) Other MTAs have separate forwarding, aliasing, and
+mailing list mechanisms. qmail has one simple forwarding mechanism that
+lets users handle their own mailing lists. (2) Other MTAs offer a
+spectrum of delivery modes, from fast+unsafe to slow+queued. qmail-send
+is instantly triggered by new items in the queue, so the qmail system
+has just one delivery mode: fast+queued. (3) Other MTAs include, in
+effect, a specialized version of inetd that watches the load average.
+qmail's design inherently limits the machine load, so qmail-smtpd can
+safely run from your system's inetd.
+Replacement for sendmail: qmail supports host and user masquerading,
+full host hiding, virtual domains, null clients, list-owner rewriting,
+relay control, double-bounce recording, arbitrary RFC 822 address lists,
+cross-host mailing list loop detection, per-recipient checkpointing,
+downed host backoffs, independent message retry schedules, etc. In
+short, it's up to speed on modern MTA features. qmail also includes a
+drop-in ``sendmail'' wrapper so that it will be used transparently by
+your current UAs.