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+20071130 version: netqmail 1.06
+20071130 legal: qmail-1.03 is now in the public domain
+20051103 doc: dot-qmail.9 updated for changed (19980613) conf-patrn default, tnx ADM
+20040121 version: netqmail 1.05
+20040121 code: qmail-smtpd is protected from exceedingly long (eg 2GB)
+ header lines
+20040121 code: qmail_lspawn, qmail-newmrh, qmail-newu, and qmail-rspawn
+ are protected from misbehaving on hosts where the size of an
+ integer is not the same as the size of a character pointer
+ (eg 64 bit hosts with 32 bit ints)
+20031027 version: netqmail 1.04.
+20031027 doc: INSTALL points to
+20031027 doc: qmail.7 identifies installation as netqmail and points to
+20031027 doc: qmail-queue.8 adds explanation of $QMAILQUEUE
+20031027 doc: qmail-log.5 adds reference to errors from $QMAILQUEUE script
+20031027 doc: FAQ also points to and
+20031027 code: qmail-smtpd identifies itself as netqmail
+20031027 code: if $QMAILQUEUE is set, it's invoked instead of qmail-queue
+20031024 code: changed errno from int to #include.
+20031024 code: fixed .qmail parsing bug.
+20031024 code: recognize as a local address.
+20031024 code: sendmail's -f flag now overrides environment variables.
+19980615 version: qmail 1.03.
+19980614 doc: eliminated BIN.setup in favor of a web page.
+19980614 code: added other auto* to qmail-showctl output.
+19980614 doc: added pointer to immhf.html in qmail-header.5.
+19980614 doc: added note to TEST.receive about SMTP command format.
+19980614 doc: added FAQ 5.6 on qmail-qmqpd.
+19980614 code: removed unused variables in idedit.c.
+19980613 code: changed conf-patrn to 002.
+19980613 doc: moved SENDMAIL lower in INSTALL.
+19980612 code: added install-big.
+19980612 code: added BIN.Makefile.
+19980612 doc: added BIN.README, BIN.setup.
+19980612 code: switched to new install.
+19980611 code: added idedit.
+19980611 doc: added FAQ 1.3 on $QMAILMFTFILE.
+19980611 doc: used bouncesaying in FAQ 5.5.
+19980611 code: added except.
+19980611 code: added bouncesaying.
+19980611 code: allowed unbracketed IP addresses in dns_ipplus() and
+ dns_mxip().
+19980611 code: allowed spaces after colon in non-bracketed addresses in
+ qmail-smtpd.
+19980611 doc: cleaned up UPGRADE.
+19980528 bug: qmail-smtpd skips first character in rcpthosts() call.
+ tnx NND. impact: qmail-smtpd crashes on empty address; and it
+ allows relaying to "" fix: use addr.s.
+19980515 doc: expanded flock discussion in INSTALL.mbox.
+19980515 doc: eliminated flock warning from INSTALL.maildir.
+19980515 doc: split REMOVE.binmail out of INSTALL.
+19980515 doc: split REMOVE.sendmail out of INSTALL.
+19980515 doc: split TEST.deliver and TEST.receive out of INSTALL and
+19980515 doc: integrated INSTALL.boot into INSTALL.
+19980515 code: cleaned up final output in qmail-qmqpd.c.
+19980514 doc: updated procmail notes in INSTALL.mbox. tnx JRM.
+19980514 doc: changed FAQ 4.4 to point to INSTALL.mbox for procmail.
+ tnx JRM.
+19980514 code: separated HELO and EHLO; single-line response for HELO.
+ tnx to various people.
+19980430 version: qmail 1.02.
+19980430 doc: updated SECURITY.
+19980430 doc: fixed FAQ 4.9. tnx KB.
+19980430 code: changed quote2() to avoid quoting <>.
+19980429 code: changed quote_need() to quote empty local parts. tnx HHO.
+19980428 doc: added status notes to INSTALL and UPGRADE.
+19980428 code: skip setting environment in sendmail.c if PROTO is set.
+19980428 code: eliminated recipientmap.
+19980428 code: added virtual users to qmail-send.c. tnx RN.
+19980428 code: eliminated domain from rewrite() in qmail-send.c.
+19980428 code: added binm1, binm1+df, binm2, binm2+df, binm3, binm3+df.
+19980428 doc: eliminated most Mailbox references from INSTALL, UPGRADE.
+19980428 code: added config-fast.
+19980428 code: renamed qmail-config as config.
+19980428 code: supported QMAILMFTFILE in qmail-inject.c.
+19980428 code: recognized Mail-Followup-To in hfield.c.
+19980428 code: replaced rwrecip() with rwappend() in qmail-inject.c.
+19980428 code: cleaned up doheaderfile() in qmail-inject.c.
+19980426 code: eliminated -type test from qmail-qstat to speed it up.
+ tnx FT.
+19980421 doc: eliminated remove-rcpthosts comments from FAQ.
+19980421 doc: updated FAQ 4.3 to point to Russ Allbery's FAQ.
+19980421 doc: took account of /var/qmail/boot in INSTALL, UPGRADE, and
+ INSTALL.vsm.
+19980421 code: added /var/qmail/boot, with home, home+df, proc, proc+df.
+19980421 doc: skipped make and make man in INSTALL.
+19980420 doc: cleaned up mbox description in SENDMAIL.
+19980420 code: changed QMQP port to official port 628.
+19980402 doc: updated qmsmac references to fastforward.
+19980402 doc: replaced qmail-upgrade man page with doc/SENDMAIL.
+19980402 code: added qmqpservers output to qmail-showctl.
+19980402 code: added qmail-qmqpd.
+19980402 code: added qmail-qmqpc.
+19980304 code: eliminated del_saywhynoexit in qmail-send.c.
+19980304 code: eliminated concurrencynodel in qmail-send.c.
+19980222 code: added status() to qmail-send.c.
+19980222 code: added concurrencyused to qmail-send.c.
+19980128 doc: added note to qmail-getpw.9 about ETXTBSY.
+19980127 code: eliminated err_seenmail() in qmail-smtpd.c. tnx PO.
+19980126 doc: used $DEFAULT in FAQ where possible.
+19980126 code: added DEFAULT in qmail-local.
+19980126 code: added -/ to qmail-pw2u.
+19980126 code: revamped qmeopen() as qmesearch() with more sensible
+ semantics, separating dash from ext cleanly.
+19980126 code: split qmeexists() out of qmeopen() in qmail-local.c.
+19980126 code: introduced safeext in qmail-local.c.
+19980126 code: changed ~alias to mode 2755, to put files into group
+ qmail rather than group nofiles under System V.
+19980126 doc: switched to /var/qmail/rc in INSTALL*, UPGRADE, FAQ.
+19980126 code: added rc.
+19980119 doc: added .qmail creation warning to condredirect.1.
+19980118 code: made auto_uids.c creation atomic in Makefile. tnx HHO.
+19980118 doc: added PIC.*.
+19980117 portability problem: Solaris 2.5.1 incorrectly converts
+ O_NDELAY into O_NONBLOCK for sockets, so that ndelay_off()
+ fails to undo ndelay_on(). impact: none, since all the network
+ readers here use select() via timeoutread(). fix: use
+ O_NONBLOCK if it is defined.
+19980115 code: reformatted qmail-qmtpd.c.
+19980115 doc: changed tcpcontrol references in FAQ.
+19980115 doc: documented morercpthosts in qmail-qmtpd.9.
+19980115 code: eliminated unused datetime in qmail-qmtpd.c.
+19980115 code: eliminated sigalrm() in qmail-qmtpd.c.
+19980115 code: used rcpthosts() in qmail-smtpd.c, qmail-qmtpd.c.
+19980115 code: introduced rcpthosts.c.
+19980115 code: added morercpthosts.cdb support to qmail-showctl.
+19980115 code: added morercpthosts support to qmail-showctl.
+19980115 code: do_lst now returns file-exists in qmail-showctl.
+19980112 doc: documented morercpthosts in qmail-smtpd.9.
+19980112 code: added qmail-newmrh.
+19980112 code: used commands.c in qmail-popup.
+19980112 code: used commands.c in qmail-pop3d.
+19980112 code: introduced fakehelo in qmail-smtpd.
+19980112 code: moved flagbarf setting out of bmfcheck().
+19980112 code: allowed more address misformatting in qmail-smtpd.
+19980112 code: eliminated help address in qmail-smtpd.
+19980112 code: reorganized qmail-smtpd.
+19980112 code: reformatted qmail-smtpd.
+19980112 code: used commands.c in qmail-smtpd.
+19980112 code: switched from 0 to "" for no arg in commands().
+19980112 code: added commands.c.
+19971230 doc: added -s to FreeBSD commands in INSTALL.ids. tnx TM.
+19971224 doc: added pointer to qmail pictures in README.
+19971223 doc: added note in FAQ about qmail-pop3d using maildir.
+19971219 code: added HOST2, HOST3, HOST4.
+19971219 code: renamed extx as x in qmail-local.c.
+19971219 doc: partitioned qmail-command.0.
+19971219 doc: updated FAQ 4.3 to point to newer majordomo patches.
+19971219 doc: eliminated qlist2 from FAQ.
+19971219 doc: eliminated qlist discussion from SECURITY.
+19971219 code: moved qlist, qlist2 to separate package.
+19971213 doc: added FAQ 4.10 on qmail-users generally.
+19971213 doc: added FAQ 4.9 on dealing with NFS outages.
+19971031 doc: added Linux and FreeBSD commands to INSTALL.ids. tnx TM.
+19971026 doc: added note about smtplf in qmail-smtpd.8. tnx S2S.
+19971014 doc: some tweaks to THOUGHTS.
+19971012 doc: used MAILER-DAEMON in UUCP example in INSTALL.
+19971003 code: eliminated dataline and getln() from qmail-remote.c.
+19971003 code: revamped blast() in qmail-remote.c.
+19971002 doc: added FAQ entries for .forward and /etc/aliases.
+19971002 doc: rewrote INSTALL.mbox and INSTALL.vsm.
+19971002 doc: renamed INSTALL.qsmhook as INSTALL.vsm.
+19971002 doc: emphasized the qmail-popup argv0 in FAQ.
+19971001 doc: added dot-forward note to BLURB3.
+19971001 doc: added more configuration notes to qmail-upgrade.9.
+19971001 doc: added note in INSTALL.qsmhook about dot-forward.
+19970930 code: token822_parse() now supports backslash as a quoting
+ character in atoms.
+19970929 doc: suggested symbolic links in INSTALL.mbox.
+19970925 doc: added note to INTERNALS about bounce stability.
+19970925 doc: added section to THOUGHTS discussing CNAME lookups.
+19970925 code: qmail-remote no longer does CNAME lookup on sender. tnx
+ C2F.
+19970923 portability problem: under SCO OSR5, splogger needs socket
+ libraries. impact: couldn't compile. fix: socket.lib. tnx RB.
+19970906 portability problem: under RISC/OS, Mail invokes sendmail -bm.
+ impact: can't send mail using Mail on RISC/OS. fix: ignore -bm.
+ tnx NW.
+19970813 code: implemented databytes in qmail-qmtpd.
+19970813 code: implemented databytes. tnx M4S for sample code.
+19970813 code: replaced execvp() with execv() for sh in qmail-local.
+19970813 doc: said in qmail-control.9 that recipientmap allows comments.
+19970813 code: used strerr in qmail-local.c.
+19970813 code: changed timeoutread(), timeoutwrite() interface.
+19970813 code: eliminated shutdown() in timeoutread(), timeoutwrite().
+19970813 code: revamped I/O in qmail-smtpd.c.
+19970813 code: used timeoutread(), timeoutwrite() in qmail-smtpd.c.
+19970813 code: simplified getcontrol() logic in qmail-remote.c; some
+ out-of-memory messages are now cannot-read-control messages.
+19970813 code: eliminated scan_nbblong().
+19970813 code: reformatted qmail-remote.c.
+19970813 code: renamed flaganyrecipok as flagbother in qmail-remote.c.
+19970813 code: integrated status report into quit() in qmail-remote.c.
+19970813 code: revamped smtpcode() in qmail-remote.c.
+19970813 code: added flagcritical in qmail-remote.c. eliminates
+ possible-duplicate warning if dot has not yet been sent.
+19970813 code: revamped I/O in qmail-remote.c.
+19970813 code: quit immediately after sending QUIT in qmail-remote.c.
+19970813 code: made many more globals in qmail-remote.c.
+19970813 code: switched qmail-remote.c from subfdin to home-grown.
+19970813 code: switched qmail-remote.c from subfdout to subfdoutsmall.
+19970813 code: added LAST support to qmail-pop3d.
+19970812 code: changed qmail_close() success return from 0 to "".
+19970812 code: revamped I/O in qmail-qmtpd.c.
+19970812 code: added qmail-tcpok.
+19970812 code: used strerr in maildirmake.c.
+19970812 code: reformatted maildirmake.c.
+19970812 code: printed qp in condredirect.c.
+19970812 code: printed qqx in condredirect.c.
+19970812 code: revamped I/O in condredirect.c.
+19970812 code: reformatted condredirect.c.
+19970812 code: used strerr in preline.c.
+19970812 code: revamped I/O in preline.c.
+19970812 code: reformatted preline.c.
+19970812 code: printed qp in forward.c.
+19970812 code: printed qqx in forward.c.
+19970812 code: revamped I/O in forward.c.
+19970812 code: used strerr in forward.c.
+19970812 code: reformatted forward.c.
+19970812 code: used strerr in predate.c.
+19970812 code: forced failure in qmail-qmtpd if no recipients; saves
+ time for qmail-send.
+19970812 code: added smtpd() to sendmail.c.
+19970812 code: added mailq() to sendmail.c.
+19970812 code: added die_usage() to sendmail.c.
+19970812 code: reformatted sendmail.c.
+19970812 code: used byte_zero() in qmail-popup.c.
+19970812 code: reformatted qmail-popup.c.
+19970812 code: eliminated unused header files in qmail-popup.c.
+19970812 code: changed I/O system in qmail-popup.c to match qmail-pop3d.
+19970812 doc: pointed people to the mailing list in INSTALL and UPGRADE.
+19970810 code: added TXTBSY check to qmail-getpw.c. this gives vendors
+ the opportunity to make getpwnam() reliable.
+19970810 code: moved non-deleted messages from new/ to cur/ in
+ qmail-pop3d. tnx to various people.
+19970810 code: introduced list() in qmail-pop3d.c.
+19970810 code: reformatted qmail-pop3d.c.
+19970810 code: merged dataline and newname into line in qmail-pop3d.c.
+19970810 code: chopped filenames in qmail-pop3d at colons for UIDL. tnx
+ to various people.
+19970810 code: eliminated printint(), printlong() in qmail-pop3d.c.
+19970810 code: revamped I/O in qmail-pop3d.c.
+19970810 code: used timeoutread(), timeoutwrite() in qmail-pop3d.c.
+19970810 code: eliminated die_prot() in qmail-pop3d.c.
+19970810 code: eliminated unused header files in qmail-pop3d.c.
+19970810 code: switched qmail-pop3d to use maildir.c. tnx MD.
+19970809 code: added uid/gid printing to qmail-showctl. tnx PGF.
+19970808 code: switched control.c from scan_nbblong to scan_ulong.
+19970808 code: cleaned up wait_pid to use waitpid() when possible, and
+ to support at least one extra child otherwise.
+19970807 code: in qmail-smtpd, treat long envelope addresses as a syntax
+ error, instead of waiting for qmail-queue to reject them.
+19970803 code: changed condredirect, forward, qlist, qmail-inject,
+ qmail-local, qmail-qmtpd, qmail-send, qmail-smtpd, qreceipt for
+ new qmail_close() interface.
+19970803 code: revised qmail_close() to handle qmail-queue exit codes.
+19970802 doc: documented SMTP-related exit codes in qmail-queue.8.
+19970802 doc: documented qmail-queue exit codes in qmail-queue.8.
+19970802 code: revamped qmail-queue exit codes.
+19970802 doc: noted linking restrictions in qmail-queue.8.
+19970802 doc: rewrote INSTALL.mbox.
+19970802 doc: split INSTALL.maildir off of INSTALL.mbox.
+19970802 code: added /var/qmail/doc/ creation to qmail-hier.
+19970802 doc: added ezmlm note to FAQ.
+19970802 doc: replaced qlist blurbs with ezmlm blurbs in BLURB*.
+19970802 doc: added various notes to qmail-start.9.
+19970728 doc: eliminated RFC*.
+19970714 doc: added daemontools notes to FAQ.
+19970714 code: eliminated ESMTP parameter syntax checking.
+19970701 doc: changed ``forwarded'' to ``resent'' in qmail-header.5.
+19970629 code: reformatted constmap.c.
+19970628 code: changed straynewline() message in qmail-smtpd.c to point
+ to tnx RDM.
+19970609 doc: added preline to vacation example in dot-qmail.9. tnx C2S.
+19970421 code: cleaned up slurpclose to handle interrupts.
+19970421 code: set qmail-popup to mode 711. tnx MD.
+19970421 doc: fixed qmail-local -n example in dot-qmail.9.
+19970415 version: qmail 1.01.
+19970414 doc: tightened up qmail-upgrade.7.
+19970414 code: rewrote rewrite().
+19970414 code: implemented recipientmap. suggested by RDM.
+19970414 doc: auto-configured qmail home directory in qmail-control.5,
+ qmail-newu.8, qmail-pw2u.8, qmail-start.8, qmail-users.5.
+19970414 port: Solaris needs socket libs for gethostname. impact: can't
+ compile under Solaris. fix: use socket.lib for qmail-local.
+19970412 code: introduced stralloc_starts.
+19970412 code: introduced str_equal.
+19970412 code: introduced str_start.
+19970412 code: introduced byte_equal.
+19970412 code: made an optional aliasempty arg for qmail-start.
+19970412 code: made an aliasempty arg for qmail-lspawn.
+19970412 code: changed ALIAS_EMPTY to an arg for qmail-local.
+19970412 port: UnixWare returns >0 for SIOCGIFCONF. impact: ipme fails
+ under UnixWare. fix: check for >=0, not =0. tnx JD.
+19970412 port: DGUX does not have ranlib. impact: can't compile under
+ DGUX. fix: added dgux line to make-makelib. tnx HWM.
+19970412 code: changed maildir library to skip any filename beginning
+ with dot. tnx SP.
+19970412 doc: added FAQ entry about aliases with dots.
+19970412 doc: clarified in qmail-inject.8 that default envelope sender
+ is the same as _default_ From address.
+19970411 code: renamed qmail-makectl as qmail-config.
+19970411 code: renamed qmail-alias as qmail-local.
+19970411 code: switched from signal library to sig library.
+19970411 code: switched from qqtalk library to qmail library.
+19970411 code: switched from getline library to getln library.
+19970411 code: massive library cleanups.
+19970411 code: revamped autoconfiguration system.
+19970411 code: revamped configuration interface.
+19970411 code: eliminated qmail-home.
+19970411 code: eliminated tokenize.
+19970220 qmail 1.00.
+19970219 change: various documentation tweaks.
+19970218 change: updated THOUGHTS.
+19970218 change: talked about SPAWN_NUMD in FAQ. tnx EC.
+19970210 change: noted in maildir.5 that readers should skip any name
+ starting with a dot. tnx SP.
+19970209 change: added note to splogger.8 about reliability. tnx BT.
+19970209 change: added section to FAQ on slow sendmail switch. tnx BT.
+19970206 change: added section to FAQ about dtcm. tnx PJG.
+19970206 change: tweaked maildir.5.
+19970201 change: added MH spost note to FAQ. tnx TU.
+19970131 change: reorganized FAQ.
+19970131 change: added web references to FAQ.
+19970124 change: tweaked qmail-upgrade man page.
+19970120 qmail 0.96, gamma.
+19970120 change: removed various try* in auto-configuration.
+19970120 bug: qmail-inject fails to quote argument addresses. impact:
+ addresses containing special characters could be misinterpreted
+ or rejected. tnx C2F. fix: use quote2().
+19970120 portability problem: ESIX puts syslog() and openlog() into
+ -lgen. impact: can't compile under ESIX. fix: put -lgen into
+ LIBS for unix_sv. tnx RN.
+19961221 qmail 0.95, gamma.
+19961218 change: added various try* to TARGETS. tnx SA.
+19961216 change: clarified in qmail-send.8 that virtualdomains does not
+ apply to domains listed in locals.
+19961216 change: slurpclose() now closes fd on out-of-memory. makes it
+ more widely applicable.
+19961215 change: replaced elm instructions in INSTALL.mbox with an
+ explanation of what source change to make. tnx AB.
+19961212 portability problem: under NEWS-OS, time_t needs sys/types.h.
+ impact: couldn't compile under NEWS-OS. fix: include
+ sys/types.h in predate.c. tnx TU.
+19961211 change: used timeoutread, timeoutwrite in remoteinfo(). tnx
+ REB.
+19961210 portability problem: apparently some SGIs produce a systype of
+ irix64. impact: couldn't compile on those systems. fix: handle
+ irix64 in make-cmds. tnx M3S.
+19961208 change: added note to maildir2mbox.1 about mbox locking.
+19961208 qmail 0.94, gamma.
+19961206 cleanup: readsubdir() protects itself against name overflow,
+ rather than depending on caller.
+19961204 change: changed FAQ 7.3 to prohibit fixup relaying.
+19961203 change: added note to FAQ about possibly having to put a space
+ before "$SENDER" for uux. tnx FW.
+19961202 change: added FAQ entry on QUEUE_EXTRA.
+19961202 change: added FAQ entry on backups. tnx DP.
+19961202 change: added note to INSTALL.mbox about qpopper. tnx VV.
+19961201 change: replaced logger with splogger in FAQ 5.1. tnx FPL.
+19961201 change: used netmask example for tcpcontrol in FAQ. tnx FPL.
+19961201 change: added note to README about the mailing list. tnx FPL.
+19961201 change: documented rcpthosts wildcards. tnx RN.
+19961201 change: added note to FAQ about making mailx use datemail.
+19961201 change: added datemail. function requested by several people;
+ approach suggested by TG.
+19961201 change: added predate.
+19961129 change: added QUEUE_EXTRA, QUEUE_EXTRALEN.
+19961129 change: qmail-remote bounces messages with partial final lines.
+19961129 change: added atomcheck() to quote crappy atoms.
+19961129 change: revised atomok() to let atoms deal with more crap.
+19961127 change: qmail-send adds note to deferral if flagdying. tnx TG.
+19961127 change: split off maildirbounce, maildir2qmtp, and maildir2smtp
+ into a separate serialmail package.
+19961126 change: eliminated beta success reports from README.
+19961124 change: forced res_query() return value to fit inside incoming
+ buffer size. allegedly there are buggy versions of res_query()
+ that don't guarantee this.
+19961122 qmail 0.93, gamma.
+19961122 change: allowed empty arg list in forward.
+19961121 change: qmail-smtpd now uses unknown (like qmail-qmtpd) rather
+ than dying if environment variables are not set.
+19961121 cleanup: reorganized helo handling in qmail-smtpd.c.
+19961121 cleanup: eliminated newfield_rec.
+19961121 cleanup: introduced DATE822FMT. used it in received.c.
+19961121 cleanup: introduced received.c. used it in qmail-qmtpd.c,
+ qmail-smtpd.c.
+19961121 change: qmail-smtpd now generates a new timestamp for each
+ message. tnx PJG.
+19961121 cleanup: used stralloc in newfield.
+19961121 cleanup: eliminated newfield_cc.
+19961121 change: eliminated hfield_mort().
+19961119 change: added 2-minute damper on tcpto.
+19961118 change: wrote defaults for readfile controls in showctl.
+19961117 change: control_readfile() now allows comments and blank lines.
+ tnx LW.
+19961117 change: qmail-start sets logger gid to GID_NOFILES.
+19961117 bug: ipme_init() uses a fixed-length buffer for SIOCGIFCONF.
+ impact: qmail-smtpd and qmail-remote will die if there are too
+ many local IP addresses. tnx MD. fix: ipme_init() now
+ dynamically allocates space, up to 200000 bytes, as long as
+ SIOCGIFCONF keeps failing. note that this is a very widespread
+ bug; it's in amd, exim, mrouted, named, nntpd, rarpd, sendmail,
+ tcpdump, timed, xntpd, and probably dozens more programs.
+19961117 portability problem: on BSD 4.4 and various other systems,
+ SIOCGIFCONF will truncate long lists and return success.
+ impact: on those systems, qmail-smtpd and qmail-remote will
+ miss some local IP addresses if there are too many. fix:
+ ipme_init() now checks whether there is enough space left in
+ the buffer for another ifreq, plus 64 bytes JIC. yuck.
+19961117 change: ipmeprint now flushes only at end.
+19961117 cleanup: introduced subfdinsmall. used it in qmail-clean.c,
+ qmail-qmtpd.c.
+19961117 cleanup: introduced subfdoutsmall. used it in hostname.c,
+ printbreak.c, printnumd.c, printsplit.c, qmail-alias.c,
+ qmail-clean.c, qmail-getpw.c, qmail-qmtpd.c, maildir2smtp.c,
+ maildir2qmtp.c.
+19961117 change: moved subfderr buf up to 256 characters.
+19961117 change: added maildirbounce. tnx MD, TG.
+19961116 change: maildir2smtp and maildir2qmtp now print filenames for
+ permanent bounces. tnx MD.
+19961116 change: in SECURITY, ``eleven most recent sendmail security
+ holes, five'' -> ``twelve most recent sendmail security holes,
+ six.''
+19961116 change: rewrote qmail-showctl more professionally.
+19961115 change: added several tests to this will
+ affect many systypes.
+19961115 change: qmail-alias now treats most exit codes as soft errors.
+19961115 change: revamped exit codes everywhere for 0, 100, 111.
+19961114 change: added splogger.
+19961114 portability problem: Sun's cc recognizes sqrt() as a builtin,
+ even if math.h is not included and sqrt is defined statically.
+ yuck. impact: when qmail is compiled with Sun's cc, next-retry
+ times are all screwed up. tnx PJG. fix: my sqrt() is now called
+ squareroot().
+19961114 change: dns_ip() now recognizes []. tnx DS.
+19961112 change: enabled x option in sendmail. tnx DS.
+19961111 change: added SIGHUP handling to qmail-send. suggested by many
+ people.
+19961111 bug: control routines returned incorrect codes for some
+ out-of-memory conditions. impact: none; conditions cannot
+ happen with sane control files. fix: return -1.
+19961111 change: added SIGALRM handling to qmail-send. suggested by many
+ people.
+19961111 change: eliminated flagnobreak (-b/-B) from qmail-pw2u.
+19961111 change: qmail-getpw now allows hyphens inside usernames.
+19961111 change: added users/append to qmail-pw2u. tnx G2A.
+19961111 change: added badmailfrom to qmail-smtpd. requested by several
+ people.
+19961110 change: replaced elm instructions in INSTALL.mbox with a simple
+ note to set incomingfolders in elm.rc. tnx AB.
+19961110 change: replaced ``owner hack'' with ``variable envelope
+ return paths'' throughout the documentation. tnx DS.
+19961110 change: qmail-setup installs man pages as well as cat pages.
+19961110 change: renamed qmail-newuser as qmail-newu. tnx G2A.
+19961110 change: renamed qmail-pw2user as qmail-pw2u. tnx G2A.
+19961105 change: set path in INSTALL.boot. tnx TJH.
+19961105 change: noted in qmail-smtpd.8 that addresses without @ are
+ always allowed through.
+19961105 change: indicated at various spots in FAQ that rcpthosts has to
+ be updated. suggested by various people.
+19961105 change: indicated at various spots in FAQ that qmail has to be
+ restarted. suggested by various people.
+19961029 change: fixed typo in maildir2qmtp.1. tnx BG.
+19961026 qmail 0.92, gamma.
+19961026 bug: qmail-getpw did not 0-terminate usernames. tnx CF. impact:
+ qmail-getpw would crash on some systems, deferring local
+ deliveries. fix: 0-terminate.
+19961025 cleanup: renamed auto-hassgprm.h to hassgprm.h.
+19961025 cleanup: renamed auto-hassgact.h to hassgact.h.
+19961024 change: replaced qmail-alias.0 with dot-qmail.0 in
+ INSTALL.alias. tnx MW.
+19961022 change: switched uids as early as possible in qmail-start.c.
+19961022 change: in SECURITY, ``ten most recent sendmail security
+ holes, five'' -> ``eleven most recent sendmail security holes,
+ five.''
+19961022 change: quote_need() now treats non-ASCII characters the same
+ way as control characters.
+19961022 change: added version and home page to qmail.7.
+19961022 cleanup: introduced slurpclose.c. used it in qmail-alias.c,
+ qmail-lspawn.c.
+19961021 portability problem: AT&T NCR boxes need stdio.h before
+ arpa/nameser.h. impact: dns.c would not compile. fix: include
+ stdio.h. tnx HS.
+19961021 change: added AIX section to INSTALL.ids. tnx SSB.
+19961021 change: added qmail-pw2user.
+19961020 change: added qmail-pw2user.8.
+19961020 change: qmail-alias now dies soft on EACCES/EPERM for .qmail.
+19961020 change: eliminated root comments from INSTALL.qsmhook.
+19961020 change: various improvements in FAQ.
+19961017 change: added QLX_ROOT.
+19961017 change: renamed hosts in FAQ. tnx SLB.
+19961017 change: in dot-qmail.5, documented envnoathost effects. tnx RN.
+19961017 change: revamped addresses.5.
+19961017 change: added stripvdomprepend() for better bounces. tnx PT.
+19961012 portability problem: under HP-UX 9, can't setgroups() to 65537.
+ impact: couldn't compile under HP-UX 9. fix: use 0 instead of
+ 65537 in chkshsgr.c. tnx HHO.
+19961008 change: added several qlx codes.
+19961008 cleanup: eliminated qlx from qmail-alias.
+19961008 change: qmail-lspawn runs qmail-getpw as UID_PW.
+19961008 change: added qmail-newuser.
+19961008 change: added cdb support to qmail-lspawn.
+19961008 change: integrated cdb.
+19961007 change: added qmail-users.5.
+19961007 change: eliminated usermap.
+19961007 cleanup: switched execvp to execv in sendmail, qmail-lspawn.
+19961007 change: used qmail-getpw in qmail-lspawn.
+19961007 change: renamed LSPAWN_USERLEN as GETPW_USERLEN.
+19961007 change: added qmail-getpw.
+19961007 change: created users subdirectory of CONF_HOME.
+19961007 change: fixed typo in FAQ. tnx J1B.
+19961006 change: replaced subfdout with a small ss in qmail-alias.
+19961006 change: reduced qmail-alias buffer sizes to 1024.
+19961003 change: added note to maildir2smtp.0 about maildirmake. tnx SM.
+19961003 bug: if ipme_init() returned -1, qmail-remote would continue,
+ blindly assuming that all addresses are local. impact: on
+ systems with too many aliases, all remote deliveries fail. tnx
+ MD. fix: qmail-remote now dies with temp_oserr() on any result
+ other than 1.
+19961003 portability problem: all pre-4.9.4 versions of bind barf,
+ badly, on CNAME queries to lame servers. what a crappy system.
+ even if the resolver doesn't barf, the next name server down
+ the line may barf. impact: qmail can't get mail through to
+ domains that are (1) lame and (2) running old versions of bind.
+ fix: never, ever, do a CNAME query. dns_cname() now does an ANY
+ query instead. this, like sendmail's analogous procedure, is
+ unreliable when a CNAME is mixed with other records.
+19961001 cleanup: switched to libfd in qmail-start.c.
+19960929 cleanup: renamed auto-hasmkffo.h to hasmkffo.h.
+19960928 cleanup: reorganized qmail-start.c.
+19960928 cleanup: used libfd in preline.c, qmail-lspawn.c,
+ qmail-popup.c, qmail-rspawn.c, qmail-start.c, qqtalk.c,
+ qsmhook.c.
+19960928 cleanup: added libfd.
+19960927 change: in SECURITY, ``nine most recent sendmail security
+ holes, four'' -> ``ten most recent sendmail security holes,
+ five.''
+19960926 change: added tcpcontrol notes to FAQ.
+19960926 change: qmail-smtpd now immediately closes connection, with a
+ warning message dedicated to Solaris, if stray newlines show up
+ in the incoming data.
+19960926 change: added INSTALL.boot.
+19960926 portability problem: on systems that can handle IP interface
+ aliases (i.e., on sa_len systems), SIOCGIFADDR returns the
+ primary address for an alias. impact: ipme_init() did not
+ include alias addresses. fix: ipme_init() avoids SIOCGIFADDR on
+ sa_len systems; on these systems, the address we want is
+ already in ifr. tnx DM.
+19960926 change: qmail-alias kills itself if locking takes longer than
+ 30 seconds.
+19960926 change: qmail-pop3d no longer moves messages. tnx RS.
+19960924 change: added note to FAQ about descriptors limit. tnx RD.
+19960922 change: open_trunc() now uses 644.
+19960922 change: qmail-setup now does umask(077).
+19960922 change: maildir2mbox now does umask(077).
+19960922 change: moved subfderr buf up to 64 characters.
+19960920 change: in SECURITY, ``eight most recent sendmail security
+ holes, three'' -> ``nine most recent sendmail security holes,
+ four.''
+19960920 portability problem: init run commands are subject to job
+ control signals under more systems than HP-UX. impact: on some
+ systems (e.g., Solaris), qmail daemons would be killed. fix:
+ INSTALL now tells everybody to use csh -cf.
+19960920 change: added queue-run section to FAQ.
+19960920 change: in pine-crashing question in FAQ, added -oem and -oi,
+ so that change will work with the real sendmail too.
+19960919 change: added CNAME section to FAQ. tnx to various people.
+19960919 change: eliminated QQX_EXECHARD and QQT_EXECHARD. this means
+ that all qmail-queue invocation failures are now soft, even
+ things like EPERM.
+19960919 change: replaced ``No such address'' with ``Sorry, no mailbox
+ here by that name.'' tnx G2A.
+19960919 change: qmail-remote now includes host name in no-such-host
+ messages. tnx G2A.
+19960919 change: replaced ``Temporarily unable to canonicalize address''
+ with ``CNAME lookup failed temporarily.''
+19960918 change: improved an error message in qmail-alias.c. tnx TG.
+19960918 change: added SHELL=/bin/sh to Makefile. tnx JL.
+19960916 change: reorganized INSTALL.ids a bit.
+19960916 change: ``from smtpd'' is now ``from network''.
+19960916 change: SMTPD is now DAEMON.
+19960916 change: qmail-start sets logger uid to UID_LOG. tnx JLH.
+19960916 change: added CONF_USERL.
+19960916 change: iaafmt() now puts a dot on
+19960915 change: added UPGRADE. suggested by several people.
+19960915 change: added qsutil error messages to qmail-log.5.
+19960915 change: qsutil error messages are now alerts.
+19960915 portability problem: on some systems, logger appears to use
+ syslog(pri,buf) instead of syslog(pri,"%s",buf). tnx JC.
+ impact: logger could barf or crash if fed messages containing
+ %. an attacker could easily cause a crash, eliminating qmail's
+ logs. fix: % is no longer considered safe for logs.
+19960912 cleanup: split seek.c into seek_*.c.
+19960912 cleanup: replaced seek_to() with seek_set().
+19960912 cleanup: introduced libseek.a.
+19960907 cleanup: split case.c into case_*.c.
+19960907 cleanup: introduced libcase.a.
+19960907 cleanup: split wait.c into wait_*.c.
+19960907 cleanup: introduced libwait.a.
+19960907 cleanup: renamed auto-haswaitp.h to haswaitp.h.
+19960907 cleanup: split open.c into open_*.c.
+19960907 cleanup: introduced libopen.a.
+19960904 change: added generic pointer to qmail-control.5. tnx HW.
+19960904 change: rewrote rcpthosts section in FAQ. tnx HW.
+19960904 change: added organization section to FAQ. tnx HW.
+19960902 qmail 0.91, gamma.
+19960902 change: control_readfile() can now handle partial lines. tnx
+19960902 change: eliminated non-fqdn note from FAQ. next version of
+ tcpserver will use DNS directly.
+19960902 change: qlist now uses NEWSENDER, not SENDER.
+19960902 change: qmail-pop3d no longer obtains a lock. tnx RS.
+19960902 change: put }g on all seds in Makefile.
+19960831 change: noted in qmail-control.5 that comments are not allowed
+ in control files. tnx J2B.
+19960829 change: used double union in alloc.c. tnx ME.
+19960829 change: replaced semicolon with colon for smtproutes port.
+19960829 change: in INSTALL, put make man just before make setup.
+19960829 change: changed a few qmail messages into alerts.
+19960829 cleanup: renamed datetime_gmt as datetime_tai.
+19960829 change: added note to UUCP question that some UUCP software
+ doesn't want preline -f. tnx SB.
+19960829 change: added question 2.4 to FAQ on SLIP/PPP.
+19960828 change: replaced owner- with owner-@host-@[] in qmail-inject.
+19690828 change: replaced owner- with owner-@host-@[] in qmail-alias.
+19960828 change: replaced owner- with owner-@host-@[] in injectbounce().
+19960828 change: replaced owner- with owner-@host-@[] in senderadd() for
+ owner hack.
+19960828 change: qmail-inject -n now prints Return-Path.
+19960825 cleanup: revised ending code in token_addrlist().
+19960825 change: tokenize now uses linelen 0 for unparse.
+19960825 change: if linelen is 0 in token822_unparse, no length limit.
+19960825 change: added LINELEN macro to qmail-inject for unparse.
+19960825 change: token822_unparse now takes linelen argument. (leaving
+ two spaces on the right before linelen.)
+19960824 cleanup: renamed token as token822.
+19960822 portability problem: under NEWS-OS, /bin/mail and /usr/ucb/mail
+ invoke sendmail with -E and -J options. tnx TU. impact:
+ couldn't send mail with those programs. fix: accept opts,
+ including _optional_ args. ugh.
+19960821 change: sendmail now quits if invoked as newaliases. tnx TU.
+19960821 portability problem: under NEWS-OS, dirent.h needs sys/types.h.
+ tnx TU. this POSIX violation also appears in some versions of
+ FreeBSD. impact: couldn't compile under NEWS-OS. fix: include
+ sys/types.h in direntry.h* and trydrent.c. [sigh]
+19960821 change: added concurrencyremote question to FAQ.
+19960821 change: added chkspawn.
+19960821 change: moved default SPAWN_NUMD up to 120.
+19960818 change: allowed ;port in smtproutes. tnx AL.
+19960818 change: introduced port in qmail-remote.c.
+19960818 change: qmail-queue records qp in Received lines. 2 lines of
+ code. tnx ME.
+19960818 change: in SECURITY, ``seven most recent sendmail security
+ holes'' -> ``eight most recent sendmail security holes.''
+19960818 change: qmail-pop3d now appends an extra blank line to every
+ message, for compatibility with popper. some clients can't
+ deal with the right thing, unfortunately. tnx FPL.
+19960818 change: added qmail-tcpto.
+19960818 change: eliminated cc -posix for NeXTs. tnx SA.
+19960818 change: eliminated loadfifo. tnx SA.
+19960818 change: integrated auto-configured fifo.c code from SA.
+19960817 change: put SYSDEPS into a more reasonable order.
+19960813 change: indicated possibility of duplication when qmail-remote
+ gets a dead connection after DATA. tnx ME.
+19960813 change: documented qmail-inject environment variables.
+19960813 change: supported per-recipient owner hack in qmail-inject.
+19960813 change: supported per-message owner hack in qmail-inject.
+19960813 change: introduced hackedruser into qmail-inject.
+19960813 change: introduced QMAILRUSER, QMAILRHOST.
+19960812 change: added QMAILINJECT option to allow address-comment form.
+19960812 change: made name-address form the default in qmail-inject.
+19960812 change: added QMAILINJECT options f and m to delete From and
+ Message-ID on input. tnx LL.
+19960812 change: added QMAILINJECT environment variable.
+19960812 change: added QMAILHOST, QMAILUSER, QMAILNAME to override
+19960812 change: added qmail-showctl.
+19960812 portability problem: under Solaris 2.4 and possibly other
+ systems, the linker does not give generic alignment to an array
+ of 4096 chars. tnx JP. impact: some subset of the programs
+ would (reliably) die with a bus error; in the Solaris case,
+ maildir2mbox. fix: redefine space in alloc.c to be aligned.
+19960812 change: qmail-remote no longer does CNAME lookups if there's an
+ artificial SMTP route. tnx ME.
+19960812 change: added flagcname arg to addrmangle() in qmail-remote.
+19960812 cleanup: moved host/relayhost processing earlier in
+ qmail-remote.
+19960812 change: qmail-remote stops before DATA if no RCPTs were
+ successful. tnx JLH.
+19960812 change: rewrote rcpthosts explanation in FAQ.
+19960811 change: added qmail-log.5.
+19960811 change: introduced ALIAS_PATERNALISM. configurability requested
+ by several people.
+19960811 change: eliminated go-writability test for qmeox(). the alleged
+ value of paternalism is nonexistent if nobody even notices
+ you're doing it.
+19960811 change: in qbiff, changed no-/-allowed to no-/-at-beginning,
+ no-dots-allowed, must-be-nonempty. tnx MD.
+19960811 change: in mbox.5, discouraged mail readers from looking for
+ From_ lines only after blank lines. too much crap in the world.
+19960811 change: added subject line to qreceipt success notices.
+19960811 change: added subject line to qmail-send bounce messages.
+19960811 change: qmail-alias now expects dash arg. this finally gives
+ lspawn complete control over the local -> ~user/.qmail-ext map.
+19960811 change: qmail-lspawn passes dash arg to qmail-alias.
+19960811 change: reorganized qlist acknowledgment format. again.
+19960811 change: documented EXT, EXT2, EXT3, EXT4. tnx BB.
+19960810 change: qmail-makectl now copies locals to rcpthosts. should be
+ a better default. suggested by TK.
+19960805 portability problem: new makefile generator put in tabs again.
+ sigh. impact: couldn't compile under some systems. fix: same as
+ before. tnx TG.
+19960804 change: added tcpserver instructions to FAQ.
+19960804 change: reorganized FAQ server instructions into a new section.
+19960801 qmail 0.90, gamma.
+19960801 change: qmail-qmtpd now supports rcpthosts, RELAYCLIENT.
+19960731 change: default NUMD is now 29. this prepares for weird systems
+ where getpwnam() needs more than one descriptor (but the
+ descriptor limit is still 64! ... you never know), and for
+ possible future getpwnam() replacements.
+19960731 change: popped subfderr buffer up to 32 characters. made sure
+ that everybody flushed subfderr as necessary.
+19960731 change: maildir2qmtp now prints filenames and responses.
+19960731 change: maildir2smtp now prints filenames it's trying and
+ relevant portion of SMTP responses.
+19960731 change: used succwrite() in maildir2smtp, maildir2qmtp.
+ simplifies code quite a bit.
+19960731 change: qmail-remote's blast() checks sooner for write errors.
+19960731 change: added better -e option to sendmail. tnx TG.
+19960731 change: added maildir2qmtp.
+19960730 cleanup: eliminated die_nomem() in maildir2smtp.c.
+19960730 change: dns_cname now pretends that "foo." is a CNAME for "foo"
+ to give the desired behavior for people who misuse DNS and
+ violate RFC 822. tnx RN.
+19960730 change: dns_cname now tests for empty names and ] on every
+ loop.
+19960730 change: used LSPAWN_BREAK in qmail-send.c for usermap.
+19960730 change: updated header example in qmail-header.5.
+19960730 change: added printbreak. auto-configured BREAK in dot-qmail.5,
+ qmail-lspawn.7, qmail-send.8, qmail-upgrade.7, qlist2.
+19960730 change: added printnumd. auto-configured NUMD in qmail-send.8,
+ qmail-limits.8.
+19960730 change: added printsplit. auto-configured split in qmail-upq.
+19960730 change: added dot-qmail.5.
+19960730 change: qmail-smtpd now treats HELO as including RSET.
+19960730 change: added moreinfo to qlist usage message.
+19960729 change: improved an error message in qmail-alias.
+19960729 cleanup: merged qmeox(), qmeodx().
+19960729 bug: failure to stat .qmail-owner was not an error. impact: if
+ stat failed temporarily (e.g., because of NFS), .qmail-owner
+ would be incorrectly ignored, so outgoing message would have
+ wrong envelope sender. fix: qmail-alias does temp_nfsqmail() if
+ stat() returns a temporary error.
+19960729 change: added RFCOWNER.
+19960729 change: added qmtpd setup question to FAQ.
+19960729 change: added qmail-qmtpd.
+19960728 change: revamped maildir2smtp error messages.
+19960728 change: revamped maildirwatch error messages.
+19960728 change: revamped maildir2mbox error messages.
+19960728 change: used strerr in maildir_scan().
+19960728 change: used strerr in maildir_chdir().
+19960728 change: introduced strerr.
+19960728 bug: the new tcp-env tried to read from an ndelay socket.
+ impact: TCPREMOTEINFO would always be empty. fix: unset ndelay
+ in remoteinfo.c.
+19960728 bug: if maildir2smtp saw a permanent failure after MAIL, it
+ failed to do RSET. impact: all further messages would be
+ rejected at the MAIL stage. fix: maildir2smtp now always does
+ RSET. tnx JW.
+19960728 cleanup: qmail-alias now applies lowercase and dot-to-colon
+ conversion directly to dashext, leaving everything else alone.
+ this works since all .qmail access is factored through dashext.
+19960727 portability problem: under NeXTStep, -posix is almost entirely
+ broken. impact: qmail daemons would dump core under NeXTStep.
+ fix: turn off -posix, except for loading qmail-setup, which
+ needs mkfifo(); NeXT, bless them, didn't put mkfifo() into the
+ C library where it belongs. this requires a new make command,
+ namely loadfifo.
+19960727 change: all characters 33-126 are now considered safe for logs.
+ tnx MD.
+19960727 cleanup: eliminated qp variable from mailforward().
+19960727 cleanup: maildirwatch.c includes headerbody.h.
+19960727 cleanup: eliminated match from maildirwatch.c.
+19960727 cleanup: eliminated code variable from maildir2smtp.c:doit().
+19960727 cleanup: maildir2smtp.c includes scan.h.
+19960727 cleanup: maildir.c includes str.h.
+19960727 cleanup: qmail-popup.c now includes exit.h.
+19960727 cleanup: qmail-pop3d.c now includes exit.h.
+19960727 cleanup: eliminated path from qmail-start.c.
+19960727 cleanup: eliminated birthplusnn from nextretry().
+19960727 cleanup: eliminated r from timeoutconn().
+19960727 cleanup: tcpto.c now includes byte.h.
+19960727 cleanup: spawn.c now declares initialize().
+19960727 cleanup: qmail-lspawn.c now includes str.h, byte.h.
+19960727 cleanup: qmail-inject.c now includes quote.h.
+19960727 change: qmail-check now checks separately for group
+ readability and other readability.
+19960727 bug: maildir2smtp didn't check flagehlo in PIPELINING parsing.
+ impact: a server that said PIPELINING at any point, not just
+ EHLO, would receive pipelined data. fix: check flagehlo.
+19960727 bug: readsubdir was calling pause(). impact: if a subdirectory
+ was removed, qmail-send would hang. fix: use rs->pause().
+19960727 change: used error_str in qmail-qread.
+19960727 change: qmail-qread now looks for local/remote open errors.
+19960727 cleanup: added warn() in qmail-qread.c.
+19960727 change: qmail-qread now exits 111 for temporary errors.
+19960727 change: used error_str in qmail-setup.
+19960727 change: introduced error_str.
+19960727 change: replaced qmail-check with make check in INSTALL.
+19960727 change: added check target to Makefile.
+19960727 change: replaced qmail-setup with make setup in INSTALL.
+19960727 change: indirected fake targets through do- targets.
+19960727 change: added setup target to Makefile.
+19960727 change: qmail-makectl now makes sure that defaultdomain has
+ at least one dot. e.g., ->, not com.
+19960726 bug: quote() failed to quote commas. impact: addresses
+ containing commas would not have been quoted correctly for
+ Return-Path or for SMTP MAIL FROM. fix: quote commas.
+19960726 change: sendmail now mentions qmail-qread, not qmail-mailq.
+19960726 change: qmail-alias now expects ext arg. this eliminates
+ LSPAWN_BREAK from qmail-alias and gives lspawn almost complete
+ control over the local -> ~user/.qmail-ext transformation. the
+ exception is that qmail-alias always uses ~user/.qmail,
+ ignoring ext, if local is the same as user.
+19960726 change: qmail-lspawn passes ext to qmail-alias.
+19960726 change: alloc() now uses up a 4K space before calling malloc().
+19960726 change: ipalloc allocation base is now 10. 100 was silly.
+19960726 change: stralloc allocation base is now 30.
+19960726 change: injectbounce() now supports the owner hack.
+19960726 change: qmail-smtpd no longer requires HELO. tnx K1J.
+19960726 cleanup: replaced makereceived() with dohelo().
+19960726 change: qmail-smtpd is back to 555 for syntax errors.
+19960725 change: qmail-alias now supports the owner hack. tnx to RN for
+ prodding me to look at this problem.
+19960725 change: senderadd() now supports the owner hack.
+19960725 cleanup: split off senderadd().
+19960725 change: added pine-crashing note to FAQ.
+19960725 change: added procmail config.h note to INSTALL.mbox.
+19960725 change: added elm TMPDIR note to INSTALL.mbox.
+19960725 change: added pine.conf note to INSTALL.mbox.
+19960724 change: added fixup note to FAQ.
+19960724 change: qmail-inject now exits 111 for temporary errors.
+19960724 change: qmail-smtpd now appends RELAYCLIENT to incoming
+ recipient domain names.
+19960724 cleanup: moved relayclient out of qmail-smtpd's addrallowed()
+ into caller.
+19960724 change: added rcpthosts wildcards.
+19960724 change: added clean target to Makefile.
+19960723 change: added virtualdomains exceptions.
+19960722 change: added BLURB4.
+19960722 change: added BLURB3.
+19960722 change: eliminated smarthost and localnet.
+19960722 change: incorporated relaymap, contributed by LW. renamed it
+ as smtproutes.
+19960722 change: qmail-popup now supports APOP. suggested by BG, who
+ distributed similar changes.
+19960722 change: qmail-popup now sends APOP timestamp to checkpassword.
+19960722 cleanup: in qmail-popup, split off doanddie().
+19960722 change: qmail-popup now prints APOP timestamp in banner.
+19960722 change: added hostname argument to qmail-popup.
+19960722 cleanup: in qmail-popup, split out() into out(), outflush().
+19960722 cleanup: in qmail-popup, introduced pop3_greet().
+19960721 portability problem: under Unisys SVR4, hostname is not in the
+ usual path. impact: qmail-makectl fails. fix: added hostname
+ command here, used it in qmail-makectl.
+19960721 portability problem: on some sysctl-based systems, apparently
+ gethostname() doesn't write anything if the output buffer is
+ too small. it should write a truncated name. impact: if anyone
+ has a hostname longer than 64 characters, maildirs could get up
+ to 64 characters of garbage, rather than a truncated hostname.
+ fix: qmail-alias now does *host = 0 before calling gethostname.
+19960721 change: updated FAQ examples from qsmhook to preline.
+19960721 change: added preline.
+19960721 change: qsmhook now uses signal_init, signal_uninit.
+19960721 change: qsmhook now checks specifically for empty args.
+19960721 change: documented mbox.
+19960721 change: added EXT, EXT2, EXT3, EXT4.
+19960721 change: added LAST response to qmail-pop3d, always returning
+ OK 0. tnx RN.
+19960721 change: added qmail home page to README.
+19960721 change: added HELP response to qmail-smtpd. tnx RN.
+19960720 change: expanded, vertically, the qmail-inject error message
+ for unparseable header fields.
+19960720 change: logo is now dolphin. tnx CEJ.
+19960719 qmail 0.76, beta.
+19960719 change: used LSPAWN_BREAK in qmail-alias for deciding how to
+ handle extensions. this should produce better behavior in the
+ (unsupported) case that LSPAWN_BREAK is not a hyphen.
+19960719 bug: qmail-smtpd didn't check for null arg on MAIL, RCPT.
+ impact: qmail-smtpd would deref 0 and crash. fix: qmail-smtpd
+ now gives syntax error on null arg.
+19960719 change: documented UFLINE in qmail-command.8. tnx TG.
+19960718 change: added maildir2smtp.
+19960718 cleanup: introduced maildir.c. used it in maildir2mbox.c,
+ maildirwatch.c.
+19960718 change: added maildirwatch.
+19960718 cleanup: maildir2mbox now sets up pq2 as it is deleting from
+ pq, rather than simultaneously with pq.
+19960718 change: added H_DELIVEREDTO.
+19960718 portability problem: Unisys requires -lsocket -lnsl. impact:
+ couldn't compile under Unisys. fix: added unix_sv section to
+ tnx TVP.
+19960718 change: added unix_sv section in find-systype. tnx TVP.
+19960717 change: qmail-alias now appends newline if .qmail does not end
+ with a newline. tnx MC.
+19960717 change: qmail-alias now defers delivery for a blank line only
+ if it is the first line of the file. handles user behavior
+ described by MC of putting many newlines at end of file.
+19960717 bug: qmail-inject looked for dots in user part, not just host
+ part, when deciding whether to use defaultdomain. impact: the
+ address joe.bloggs@here didn't have defaultdomain added. fix:
+ qmail-inject now stops at the @.
+19960717 change: updated INSTALL.alias to mention qmsmac.
+19960717 change: syntax error code for SMTP is now 501.
+19960717 change: added -e option to sendmail. tnx TG.
+19960716 change: changed ~alias files to .qmail-local, not .qmaillocal.
+ suggested by many people.
+19960716 change: redid qmail-alias/qmail-lspawn interface.
+19960716 change: replaced EXTENSION, USEREXT with LOCAL.
+19960716 change: qmail-queue now removes intd, mess upon error, as long
+ as it doesn't time out. suggested by BB et al.
+19960716 change: added flagmademess, flagmadeintd to qmail-queue.c.
+19960716 cleanup: changed todofd to intdfd in qmail-queue.c.
+19960716 cleanup: added cleanup() to qmail-queue.c.
+19960716 change: added timeout to tcp-env.c, default 30 seconds.
+19960716 change: remoteinfo_get() now uses timeoutconn().
+19960715 change: added procmail config.h note to FAQ.
+19960704 change: qmail-upgrade.7 now warns administrators that ~alias
+ generally doesn't apply to addresses starting with a user name.
+19960703 change: added echo \c note to FAQ. tnx PJG.
+19960702 change: qmail-smtpd now accepts HELO without an argument.
+ tnx K1J, J1B.
+19960627 change: qmail-lspawn.8 now mentions that qmail-lspawn doesn't
+ set up supplementary groups. tnx TG.
+19960625 portability problem: under Linux, read(,,0) doesn't do proper
+ error slippage. impact: timeoutconn() would always report
+ success; if a connection failed, qmail-remote would report a
+ greeting failure and skip all further MX records. tnx ME. fix:
+ timeoutconn() now uses getpeername() to check for success.
+19960625 change: qmail-smtpd now mentions disk full for QQT_WRITE.
+19960625 change: qmail-inject now mentions disk full for QQT_WRITE.
+19960622 change: if RELAYCLIENT is set, qmail-smtpd skips rcpthosts.
+19960609 change: updated INSTALL for current SMTP responses.
+19960607 change: clarified INSTALL.qsmhook examples. tnx S1R.
+19960607 change: added subject parsing to qlist.c. tnx RN.
+19960607 cleanup: used case_diffb in qlist.c.
+19960607 change: added extra log information to INSTALL examples.
+19960606 change: added -Pn to uucp line in FAQ. tnx DWS.
+19960605 portability problem: under Solaris, /usr/bin/groups incorrectly
+ reports your groups in /etc/group, rather than the results of
+ getgroups(). tnx MD, PJG. impact: test #19 in INSTALL fails.
+ fix: added special note to test #19 (sigh) about Solaris.
+19960605 change: improved maildir setup commands in INSTALL.mbox.
+19960605 change: on success, qmail-alias logs forwarding qp. 9 lines
+ extra code.
+19960605 change: qmail-send logs qp for bounce. 6 lines extra code.
+19960605 change: qmail-smtpd includes qp in its response when it accepts
+ a message. 7 lines extra code. requested by MD and others.
+19960605 change: added qqtalk_qp.
+19960605 change: qmail-send now logs uid and qp from todo file. 14 lines
+ extra code.
+19960605 change: qmail-queue now records uid and qp in u and p lines
+ in todo file. 7 lines extra code.
+19960605 change: improved qmail-alias x-bit error messages.
+19960605 change: newline in log is now converted to /, not underscore.
+19960604 change: when it accepts a message, qmail-smtpd includes the
+ local time in its 250 response.
+19960604 change: on success, qmail-alias prints delivery counts,
+ file+forward+program.
+19960603 change: qmail-remote now reports IP address on success. tnx MD.
+19960603 change: qmail-send now logs success and failure reports, not
+ just deferral reports.
+19960603 change: added netbsd section in find-systype, same as bsd.os
+ section. this will affect netbsd-* systypes. tnx MBS.
+19960530 qmail 0.75, beta.
+19960528 change: added qmail.7. tnx MD.
+19960525 change: added qmail-pop3d. tnx RN.
+19960525 change: added qmail-popup. tnx RN.
+19960525 change: added elm filter section to FAQ. tnx GB.
+19960502 portability problem: on many systems, select() on an
+ almost-full pipe incorrectly says writable. tnx ME for running
+ into this and helping track it down. impact: if qmail-send
+ writes a pipeful to qmail-lspawn or qmail-rspawn before they
+ can react (because of high concurrency, high load, or long
+ addresses), it will receive an incorrect -1/EAGAIN, and will
+ conclude that spawn died. sysadmin will have to restart qmail,
+ and messages will be duplicated. fix: in qmail-send.c,
+ busy-loop if write() to spawn returns any error other than
+19960501 bug: qmail-alias treated NAMETOOLONG and NOTDIR as temporary
+ errors. impact: qmail-alias never looked for -default; even if
+ mail was destined to bounce, it would have to time out first.
+ fix: qmail-alias now uses error_temp().
+19960430 bug: qmail-smtpd treated qq crash as permanent error. impact:
+ if somebody actively kills qq, mail will be incorrectly
+ bounced. tnx SS. fix: qmail-smtpd now treats only TOOLONG and
+ EXECHARD as permanent errors.
+19960430 cleanup: eliminated QQT_TTY from qqtalk.h.
+19960428 change: added ``warning: '' before trouble-marking message.
+19960428 change: added percenthack. requested by GB.
+19960428 cleanup: switched to auto-generated Makefile.
+19960428 cleanup: switched to auto-generated .o dependencies.
+19960428 cleanup: eliminated fmt.o, scan.o from Makefile.
+19960428 portability problem: under HP-UX 10, the rc pgrp is sent HUP
+ when rc finishes. tnx BG. impact: the qmail daemons are killed
+ when rc finishes. fix: added special note in INSTALL (sigh) to
+ use csh -cf.
+19960427 cleanup: added PORT_SMTP in qmail-remote.c.
+19960427 cleanup: introduced timeoutwrite.c. used it in qmail-remote.c.
+19960427 cleanup: introduced timeoutread.c. used it in qmail-remote.c.
+19960427 cleanup: introduced timeoutconn.c. used it in qmail-remote.c.
+19960427 change: added timeoutconnect. default: 60 seconds.
+19960427 change: added pop3d instructions to FAQ. tnx RN.
+19960427 change: eliminated env manipulation from qmail-start. tnx BG.
+19960427 change: headerbody now ends header, inserting blank line, if
+ first line of a header field doesn't pass hfield_valid. tnx TG.
+19960427 change: headerbody now prepends MBOX-Line: to any header line
+ starting From_. this lets qmail-inject work with elm's bounce.
+ tnx OR, K1J, et al.
+19960426 change: added moreinfo arg to qlist and qlist2.
+19960426 change: added signal_uncatchchild() to qmail-send.c. tnx BG.
+ now, if sysadmin sets SIGCHLD to SIG_IGN before invoking
+ qmail-send [sigh], qmail-send won't screw up bounce messages.
+19960426 change: dns_cname now checks whether last character is ],
+ rather than whether first character is [, for quick return.
+19960426 cleanup: glue is now global in dns.c.
+19960426 cleanup: qmail-remote no longer does stralloc_0 for host and
+ canonhost.
+19960426 change: dns_mxip no longer rejects [foo].bar.
+19960426 change: dns_mxip no longer requires for bracket that input
+ be 0-terminated.
+19960426 change: qmail-start can now take logger as an argument.
+19960426 change: qmail-start now invokes qmail-send in foreground (as
+ parent of other processes).
+19960426 change: added mailsubj. tnx GAW.
+19960426 portability problem: under some systems, can't lock read-only
+ file. impact: maildir2mbox would always fail on those systems.
+ fix: maildir2mbox now opens a separate lock fd. tnx BG.
+19960426 cleanup: removed unnecessary #!/bin/sh and # AUTO from
+19960426 change: added qmail-qstat.
+19960426 change: added qmail-qread.8.
+19960426 change: renamed qmail-mailq as qmail-qread.
+19960419 change: qmail-alias now defers delivery rather than skipping
+ blank lines in .qmail.
+19960419 change: in qmail-lspawn.c, lowercased name before getpwnam().
+ really getpwnam() should do this, but oh well.
+19960419 change: added username to qmail-lspawn.c, with LSPAWN_USERLEN
+ in conf-unusual.h. names longer than LSPAWN_USERLEN will skip
+ getpwnam().
+19960419 change: if qlist doesn't see any cmds, it presumes that you
+ meant to subscribe.
+19960419 change: reorganized qlist acknowledgment format.
+19960415 change: reorganized and rewrote FAQ.
+19960415 change: renamed HOWTO as FAQ.
+19960414 change: in qmail-alias, converted extension to lowercase just
+ before qmeopen(), qmeox() calls. thus EXTENSION and USEREXT and
+ RECIPIENT will preserve case passed by qmail-lspawn, while
+ .qmailext lookups will not.
+19960414 change: removed case_lowers(r) from qmail-lspawn.c. tnx JLH.
+19960414 change: moved extension . -> : conversion to just before
+ qmeopen(), qmeox() calls in qmail-alias.c. thus EXTENSION and
+ USEREXT and RECIPIENT will preserve dots.
+19960414 change: qsmhook -x now does case-independent comparison.
+19960413 change: added procmail instructions to HOWTO.
+19960409 bug: qmail-alias does not check for newlines when it generates
+ Return-Path. impact: resulting Return-Path header field will be
+ illegal, if sender address contains newline followed by
+ something other than whitespace. fix: qmail-alias now replaces
+ newline with underscore in rpline.
+19960409 change: added leaf UUCP description to HOWTO. tnx J2K.
+19960409 change: added -B option to sendmail. tnx OR.
+19960409 change: qlist now makes lists unwritable (after renaming from
+ .qtemp to .qmail). tnx MLH.
+19960409 change: added flagdtline to qsmhook.c, based on -l option.
+19960409 change: added PIPELINING declaration to qmail-smtpd. tnx JGM.
+19960409 change: qmail-smtpd now flushes output instantly after DATA,
+ QUIT, HELO, EHLO, NOOP, VRFY, or any 502.
+19960409 change: qmail-smtpd now flushes output upon read() and death.
+19960409 change: qmail-smtpd no longer flushes output in out().
+19960409 change: increased qmail-smtpd outbuf size from 128 to 512.
+19960409 cleanup: in qmail-smtpd, eliminated ssinit() in favor of FDBUF.
+19960409 bug: qmail-alias produced aliasfoo-owner rather than foo-owner
+ as envelope sender for ~alias/.qmailfoo. tnx DS. impact: wrong
+ envelope sender whenever ~alias/.qmailfoo-owner existed. fix:
+ qmail-alias now checks for hyphen at beginning of extension.
+19960409 change: added _ESMTP to end of 220. tnx JLH.
+19960409 change: moved out("\r\n") out of smtp_greet() into callers.
+ this improves the flushing behavior on 221.
+19960328 qmail 0.74, beta.
+19960326 change: changed subdirectory split from 32 to 23.
+19960326 portability problem: some versions of make don't understand
+ that a line with just a tab is blank. impact: couldn't compile
+ under those systems. fix: eliminated extra tab from Makefile.
+ tnx TG.
+19960325 change: added qmail-mailq.
+19960325 change: introduced readsubdir.
+19960325 change: qmail-setup makes split; qmail-check checks split.
+19960325 change: used split in qmail-send, qmail-clean, qmail-queue
+ for mess, info, local, remote.
+19960325 change: fmtqfn now supports split queue subdirectories.
+19960325 cleanup: eliminated cat2s().
+19960325 cleanup: introduced fmtqfn.c. used it in qmail-queue.c,
+ qmail-send.c, qmail-clean.c.
+19960325 change: in protocol between qmail-clean and qmail-send, now
+ using intd/ instead of mess/.
+19960325 change: qmail-queue.c and triggerpull.c now work inside queue
+ subdirectory.
+19960325 change: spawn.c now checks whether message is a regular file.
+19960325 change: spawn.c now allows slashes in messid except at
+ beginning.
+19960325 cleanup: introduced fnmake_split in qmail-send.c.
+19960325 cleanup: eliminated strnum in qmail-send.c in favor of
+ fnmake_{info,todo,mess,chanaddr} and fnmake2_bounce.
+19960325 cleanup: introduced strnum3 in qmail-send.c for the logging
+ uses of strnum.
+19960325 cleanup: in qmail-send.c, getinfo() now takes id argument.
+19960325 cleanup: qmail-send.c now preallocates space for fn, fn2.
+19960325 change: time zone is now -0000 instead of +0000. encouraging
+ DRUMS to use this as an i-don't-know-the-local-time indicator.
+19960324 change: qmail-rspawn.c now calls tcpto_clean().
+19960324 cleanup: spawn.c now calls initialize().
+19960324 change: qmail-setup makes lock/tcpto; qmail-check checks it.
+19960324 change: qmail-remote now quickly skips connect() to a host that
+ seems to be down. tnx BP for pressuring me to get this done.
+19960323 change: in qmail-alias.8, renamed mboxg as mboxrd. tnx RD.
+ idea was popularized by RD in June 1995.
+19960322 cleanup: eliminated subfd_init().
+19960322 change: qbiff now removes the word Subject.
+19960322 change: now /bin/true instead of /dev/null in the generic
+ INSTALL.ids instructions. tnx JPR.
+19960322 change: added hfield_skipname(). tnx RN.
+19960322 bug: qmail-inject did not check whether USER needed quoting.
+ impact: if USER had weird characters, the From address would
+ generally be wrong, unless the user manually set up MAILUSER
+ with proper quoting. fix: qmail-inject sets up a quoted-string
+ if necessary.
+19960322 cleanup: separated out quote_need() in quote.c.
+19960322 cleanup: added stralloc_catb.c. used it in qmail-alias.c,
+ qmail-send.c.
+19960322 change: qmail-send now uses a quadratic retry schedule from
+ birth of each message. this also eliminates clustering.
+19960322 cleanup: separated out nextretry() in qmail-send.c.
+19960322 change: qmail-remote now passes all non-@ addresses through
+ without comment, not just <> and <#>.
+19960322 change: replaced # test with anything@[] test in qmail-inject.
+19960322 change: replaced # with #@[] in qlist.c, qmail-alias.c,
+ qmail-send.c, qreceipt.c.
+19960322 change: qmail-lspawn no longer discards messages to <#>.
+19960322 cleanup: in qlist, used str_diff for <> and <#> tests.
+19960322 change: qmail-alias is now back to testing envelope sender for
+ <> and <#>, rather than things without an @.
+19960321 change: added 8BITMIME support to qmail-smtpd.
+19960321 change: added ESMTP support to qmail-smtpd.
+19960318 change: used NEWSENDER in place of SENDER for |forward.
+19960318 change: added NEWSENDER.
+19960318 change: added HCMSSC support to qmail-alias.c.
+19960318 change: added HCMSSC support to spawn.c.
+19960318 change: added HCMSSC support to qmail-remote.c.
+19960318 change: added HCMSSC support to qmail-smtpd.c.
+19960317 portability problem: SCO requires -lsocket -lnsl. impact:
+ couldn't compile under SCO. fix: added SCO section in
+ tnx JPR. note that this is for OSR 5; 3.2v4.2
+ will need more fixes, and old 3.2 is basically hopeless.
+19960317 bug: newfield_datemake would leave newfield_date alone if it
+ was already initialized, even though qmail-send calls
+ newfield_datemake anew for each bounce. impact: bounce messages
+ would usually have an incorrect Date field. fix: redid
+ newfield_datemake to update newfield_date each time.
+19960317 change: allowed . and @ in 822 phrases; 822 doesn't allow them,
+ but they do show up. tnx to the DRUMS group.
+19960317 change: replaced GMT with +0000 in date822fmt.c. this confuses
+ a few versions of getdate(), but the DRUMS group is going to
+ outlaw GMT, not just recommend against it as in 1123.
+19960317 change: redefined ALIAS_EMPTY to take advantage of . for file
+ deliveries. tnx RN.
+19960317 change: qmail-alias now allows . as well as / to start file
+ deliveries. tnx RN.
+19960317 change: qmail-alias now dies (soft) if .qmail is writable to
+ others, rather than silently ignoring it.
+19960317 change: qmail-alias now dies (soft) if flagforwardonly is
+ violated, rather than silently ignoring the bad instructions.
+19960317 change: qmail-alias now ignores x bit on empty .qmail files.
+19960317 bug: if RCPT gave 4xx and DATA gave 5xx, qmail-rspawn would
+ incorrectly assign a permanent failure to that recipient.
+ impact: in that case, mail would be incorrectly bounced. fix:
+ remove orr > 0 test from qmail-rspawn.c.
+19960310 change: tcp-env now uses signal_uninit(). [sigh]
+19960310 change: tcp-env now specifically unsets HOST and INFO if they
+ are not applicable. just trying to make it more widely usable.
+19960310 cleanup: used byte_* in remoteinfo.c, ipme.c, tcp-env.c.
+19960310 cleanup: added readwrite.h, eliminated sys.h.
+19960310 cleanup: included byte.h in qmail-send.c.
+19960310 cleanup: eliminated i and j from forward.c's main().
+19960310 cleanup: eliminated wstat from qlist.c.
+19960310 cleanup: eliminated die_nomem() parameter in qmail-setup.c.
+19960310 cleanup: eliminated i from qmail-remote's addrmangle().
+19960310 cleanup: added exit.h.
+19960310 cleanup: split ipalloc.c off of ip.c.
+19960310 cleanup: added fmt_strn.c, eliminated fmt_strncpy.c.
+19960310 change: reorganized INSTALL to do some pre-upgrade tests.
+ tnx RN.
+19960310 change: reordered steps in upgrade procedure in INSTALL.
+19960308 change: eliminated ownership test in qmail-alias.c. tnx DS.
+19960304 change: in SECURITY, ``six most recent sendmail security
+ holes'' -> ``seven most recent sendmail security holes.''
+19960303 qmail 0.73, beta.
+19960303 change: added SYSDEPS.
+19960303 cleanup: revamped select.h autoconfiguration.
+19960303 cleanup: revamped fork.h autoconfiguration.
+19960303 cleanup: revamped direntry.h autoconfiguration. target is now
+ direntry.h; auto-hasdrent.h is gone.
+19960303 change: tryflock.c now includes <sys/types.h>, for consistency
+ with lock.c. may affect portability.
+19960302 portability problem: under BSDI, can't set sticky on normal
+ files. dorks. impact: the new qlist doesn't work under BSDI;
+ be glad I test things before release. fix: qmail-alias and
+ qlist now use executable instead of sticky.
+19960302 change: gfrom now quotes >From and >>From etc. as well as From;
+ in other words, I'm switching from mbox format to mboxg format.
+19960302 cleanup: added gfrom.c. used it in qmail-alias.c, maildir2mbox.c.
+19960302 change: addbounce() now substitutes \n\n -> \n/ in reports,
+ and \n -> _ in recips. thus bounces can now be reliably parsed.
+19960302 change: if qmail-send had trouble reading the original message
+ or the list of addresses for a bounce, it used to give up and
+ send a bounce with "Oh no! I had trouble reading the rest of
+ your message" or some such. now it aborts the bounce attempt
+ and tries again later.
+19960302 cleanup: added qqtalk_fail(). used it in qmail-alias.c,
+ qmail-smtpd.c.
+19960302 bug: if mailforward() had trouble reading message (e.g.,
+ because of an I/O error), it marked an error but kept reading.
+ impact: could loop forever. fix: upon error, break.
+19960302 change: maildir2mbox now scans (restrictively) for return-path.
+19960302 change: qbiff now prints subject and body, up to 74 chars.
+19960302 change: added H_SUBJECT to hfield.
+19960302 change: qbiff now puts TO before FROM.
+19960301 cleanup: added fmt_str.c. used it in many places.
+19960301 change: qmail-send now says something if you've told it to exit
+ but it's waiting for some deliveries. tnx RN.
+19960301 change: qmail-alias -n now continues (with warning) if home
+ directory is sticky. tnx RN.
+19960301 change: improved usage messages in qmail-alias.c. tnx RN.
+19960301 change: put limit on length of addresses in qlist.
+19960301 change: added exit 99 support to qmail-alias. tnx RN.
+19960301 change: qmail-alias now exits immediately on temporary or
+ permanent error. rewrote section in qmail-alias.8 accordingly.
+19960301 cleanup: eliminated flagsuccesses from qmail-alias.c.
+19960301 change: added usermap.
+19960301 bug: failure to append to mbox was a permanent error. impact:
+ if mbox was temporarily unopenable (e.g., because fds were
+ low), mail would be incorrectly bounced. fix: failure is now
+ temporary. tnx DS.
+19960229 change: qmail-alias now preserves any envelope sender that
+ doesn't contain an @, not just <> and <#>.
+19960229 cleanup: revamped byte_* interface.
+19960229 cleanup: renamed str_cpy as str_copy.
+19960229 cleanup: added str_chr.c. used it in qbiff.c, qmail-smtpd.c.
+19960229 cleanup: added str_rchr.c. used it in qmail-send.c, quote.c,
+ qmail-remote.c.
+19960229 cleanup: added byte_rchr.c. used it in qmail-smtpd.c, spawn.c.
+19960229 cleanup: used USEREXT instead of RECIPIENT in qsmhook.c.
+19960229 cleanup: used USEREXT instead of RECIPIENT in qbiff.c.
+19960229 cleanup: removed j and k from rewrite() in qmail-send.c.
+19960229 portability problem: under HP-UX 10 and Solaris 2.5, can't
+ setgroups()/setgid() to the system's nogroup/nobody gid. dorks.
+ impact: inetd chokes, so all SMTP connections are rejected; and
+ ``alias'' mail, including postmaster, bounces. fix: in
+ INSTALL.ids, set up a separate powerless gid (tentatively
+ ``nofiles'') for qmaild and alias. tnx DS and PJG.
+19960229 change: qreceipt now uses qqtalk rather than qmail-inject.
+19960229 change: qlist now uses qqtalk rather than qmail-inject.
+19960229 change: incorporated qmail-setup patch from RN for better
+ error messages.
+19960228 change: added LSPAWN_BREAK in conf-unusual.h; used it in
+ lspawn.c. configurability requested by PJG.
+19960228 portability problem: on several systems, including everything
+ from DEC, select() on a pipe reader returns 1 if there aren't
+ any writers yet. pointed out by DS. impact: qmail-send chewed
+ up lots of CPU time. fix: trigger_set() now opens the pipe for
+ writing after opening it for reading. also added trynpbg1; on
+ working systems, no point in wasting the extra fd.
+19960228 change: qmail-alias uses .qmail sticky bit for forwardonly.
+19960228 change: qlist now sets sticky bit on .qmail file.
+19960228 change: un-documented +list.
+19960228 portability problem: on HP-UX and possibly other systems, the
+ supplementary group list does not include the gid. pointed out
+ by DS. impact: on those systems, tryshsgr could incorrectly set
+ hasshsgr; this would prevent qmail-send from running. fix: if
+ tryshsgr sees that getgroups() returns 0, now it actively sets
+ up a supplementary group list. added chkshsgr to make sure the
+ setgroups() will work.
+19960227 cleanup: eliminated GETSHORT in dns.c in favor of getshort().
+19960227 cleanup: deleted h->len < 3 test from qlist.c:dobody. tnx RN.
+19960227 change: replaced ~ with $HOME in INSTALL.mbox.
+19960227 change: added note about setgid-mail bits to INSTALL.mbox.
+19960227 change: added forward.1.
+19960227 change: modified forward to allow multiple addresses.
+19960227 change: modified forward to take an entire address, not just a
+ hostname.
+19960227 change: renamed qrelay as forward.
+19960227 change: added USEREXT support to qmail-alias.
+19960227 change: added -F to sendmail. the need for this was pointed
+ out by RN.
+19960227 change: added 2 bytes of slop in alloc().
+19960227 bug: received_setup() was not allowing space for the final \0.
+ impact: none; the line length is always between 65 and 75
+ characters, which gives at least 45 characters of slop with
+ existing malloc() implementations. fix: leave space. tnx NH.
+ note that the bug here is really in fmt_strncpy, which was
+ written before i was truly free of the curse of libc.a.
+19960227 change: added ALIAS_EMPTY in conf-unusual.h; used it in
+ qmail-alias.c. tnx PJG.
+19960227 change: added SPAWN_NUMD in conf-unusual.h; used it in spawn.c.
+19960227 change: added conf-unusual.h.
+19960227 cleanup: replaced sizeof(short) with 2 in dns.c.
+19960227 portability problem: on an Alpha, long is 64 bits. pointed out
+ by DS. impact: address lookups produced incorrect results on an
+ Alpha; qmail-makectl and qmail-remote failed. fix: replaced
+ sizeof(long) with 4 in dns.c.
+19960227 portability problem: on an Alpha, bzero() is declared properly
+ via sys/time.h. impact: couldn't compile on an Alpha. fix:
+ removed bzero() declaration from select.h. tnx DS.
+19960227 portability problem: under SCO, sys/file.h is not protected.
+ impact: couldn't compile under SCO. fix: include sys/types.h in
+ lock.c. tnx RN.
+19960219 change: added some .qmail-list hints to qlist.1.
+19960219 change: added +list support to qmail-alias.
+19960215 change: added THANKS.
+19960212 bug: foo was not initialized in qrelay.c. impact: depends on
+ the machine; on some machines, no effect; on other machines,
+ guaranteed core dump. fix: initialized foo. tnx DS.
+19960209 qmail 0.72, beta.
+19960209 change: qmail-alias now replaces dot, not slash, with colon.
+ also, qmeopen() makes sure that .qmail file is S_IFREG; I hope
+ this doesn't cause portability problems.
+19960209 change: added success-reporting procedure to INSTALL.
+19960208 change: added VERSION.
+19960208 change: added qlist2.
+19960208 change: revamped qlist interface. tnx RN.
+19960208 change: improved an error message in qlist.c.
+19960208 change: added qrelay. added relay section to HOWTO. tnx DS.
+19960208 cleanup: included substdio.h in qqtalk.h.
+19960207 bug: prioq_delmin() wasn't guaranteeing heap structure on the
+ last element. impact: scheduled passes could have been delayed,
+ conceivably as long as half an hour. fix: prioq_delmin() now
+ checks when it can safely move the last element.
+19960207 change: added maildirmake.1, maildir2mbox.1.
+19960206 change: revised logo paragraph in THOUGHTS.
+19960206 change: replaced with in examples.
+ is a real domain... [sigh]
+19960206 change: added qreceipt.1.
+19960206 portability problem: IRIX doesn't have vfork. pointed out by
+ DS. impact: couldn't compile under IRIX. fix: added fork.h,
+ tryvfork.c.
+19960206 portability problem: IRIX doesn't have ranlib. pointed out by
+ DS. impact: couldn't compile under IRIX. fix: added IRIX
+ section in
+19960205 cleanup: removed warning from substdio_copy() documentation; in
+ fact, substdio_copy() can be used safely on a fed substdio.
+19960205 change: added qbiff.1.
+19960204 change: implemented localnet. removed relevant paragraph from
+19960204 change: in qmail-remote.8, explained the dangers of smarthost.
+ tnx IS.
+19960204 change: implemented virtualdomains wildcards. tnx JLH.
+19960203 change: qmail-send now handles virtualdomains _after_ locals.
+ updated INSTALL.qsmhook appropriately.
+19960203 change: added note to INSTALL.alias about ~ftp, ~www, ~uucp
+ being owned by root.
+19960130 cleanup: in qlist.c, renamed flagremoved as flagwasthere.
+19960130 bug: qmail-send did not pay attention to flagexitasap in
+ pass_dochan(). impact: qmail-send would happily start new
+ deliveries even if it wanted to exit. fix: qmail-send now
+ returns immediately in pass_selprep() and pass_dochan() if
+ flagexitasap.
+19960130 change: in qlist.c and qlist.1, renamed ext as list.
+19960130 change: in qlist.c and qlist.1, renamed manager as owner.
+19960129 qmail 0.71, beta.
+19960129 change: mentioned djb-qmailbeta in README. tnx MWE.
+19960129 change: added a note to INSTALL.mbox making clear that
+ Mailbox is in mbox format. tnx MWE.
+19960129 change: qlist now warns you if it didn't see any cmds. tnx RN.
+19960129 change: incorporated qlist patch from RN to refuse double subs.
+19960129 change: added qlist.1, contributed by RN. mangled it a bit.
+19960129 bug: comment was not allowed in ``phrase (comment) <route>'';
+ pointed out by RN. impact: some correct address lists could be
+ mis-parsed by qmail-inject or qlist. fix: token.c now allows
+ TOKEN_COMMENT in the appropriate scan.
+19960128 change: added a logo paragraph to THOUGHTS.
+19960127 change: implemented rcpthosts.
+19960127 change: split up some uses of putflush in qmail-remote,
+ qmail-smtpd, spawn.c. eliminated NODELAY and corresponding
+ paragraph in THOUGHTS.
+19960127 change: added quote2(). used it in qmail-alias, qmail-send,
+ qreceipt. now addresses are properly quoted in the From, To,
+ and internal Return-Path of bounces; the From and To of
+ receipts; and the Return-Path/RPLINE of delivered messages.
+ removed relevant paragraph from THOUGHTS.
+19960127 change: in RFCLOOPS, documented fact that Delivered-To address
+ is conventionally not quoted.
+19960127 change: knocked default SMTP timeouts down to 20 minutes.
+19960127 change: added INSTALL.ids. tnx RN.
+19960127 change: in INSTALL, noted that nogroup should already exist.
+19960127 bug: pass_selprep checked pqchan[c] even if pass[c].id. impact:
+ qmail-send wasted CPU time whenever more than one message was
+ waiting on a blocked channel. fix: pass_selprep now checks
+ !pass[c].id.
+19960127 bug: programs invoked from qmail-alias were immune to SIGPIPE.
+ impact: a delivery pipeline such as |yes|head -1000 would loop
+ forever, since yes does not check for write errors. fix: added
+ signal_uninit(). used it before execvp in qmail-alias. [sigh]
+19960127 cleanup: added date822fmt.c. used it in newfield.c, qmail-queue.
+19960127 cleanup: added fmt_uint0.c. used it in myctime.c, newfield.c,
+ qmail-queue.
+19960127 cleanup: added dnsdoe.c. used it in dnscname, dnsfq, dnsip,
+ dnsmxip, dnsptr.
+19960127 cleanup: eliminated temp from dnsfq.c.
+19960127 bug: gen_allocdefs was making assumptions incompatible with the
+ alloc_re interface. impact: qmail-send would dump core if you
+ ran out of memory. fix: changed alloc_re interface.
+19960126 portability problem: some versions of Linux don't have
+ net/route.h. pointed out by RN. impact: couldn't compile under
+ those versions. fix: ipme.c no longer includes net/route.h;
+ hopefully this won't cause new portability problems.
+19960126 change: added chmod instructions to INSTALL and INSTALL.alias.
+ tnx RN.
+19960126 change: INSTALL now refers to the traditional sendmail spot
+ (/usr/lib), not the BSD 4.4 spot (/usr/sbin). tnx RN.
+19960126 change: make auto-uids.h now creates auto-uids.h.tmp first.
+ thus, if someone disobeys the installation instructions, and
+ his make fails to remove targets upon error, he'll still be
+ okay. tnx RN.
+19960126 change: added forgeries.7.
+19960125 cleanup: eliminated flagverbose, flagmetoo in sendmail.
+19960125 cleanup: added substdio_copy.c. used it at several spots.
+19960125 cleanup: added constmap.c. qmail-send now uses constmap for
+ locals and virtualdomains. this will speed things up: no
+ problem now to have thousands of virtual domains. removed
+ relevant paragraph from THOUGHTS.
+19960125 change: added linux section in find-systype. this will affect
+ linux-* systypes. tnx RN for relevant info.
+19960124 change: added -od, -oe, -p, -f to sendmail. the need for
+ these was pointed out by TN.
+19960124 bug: qmail-smtpd was reading from descriptor 1. impact: none;
+ in normal use, both 0 and 1 point to the network. fix: changed
+ 1 to 0.
+19960124 bug: qmail-alias treated any .qmail open failure as permanent.
+ impact: if a .qmail file was temporarily unopenable (e.g.,
+ because of NFS), it was incorrectly ignored. fix: qmail-alias
+ now dies QLX_SOFT on any open failure other than ENOENT.
+19960124 change: added freebsd section in find-systype, same as bsd.os
+ section. this will affect freebsd-* systypes.
+19960124 cleanup: find-systype now immediately converts sys to lowercase.
+19960124 change: qmail-setup now copies man pages into /var/qmail/man;
+ qmail-check checks /var/qmail/man. using .0 style, which might
+ cause trouble on various machines, but better than not trying.
+19960124 change: in qmail-remote.c, changed perm_control to temp_control
+ (and D to Z, thanks); thus failure to read control files (e.g.,
+ because of permissions) is now a temporary error.
+19960124 bug: in qmail-remote.c, temp_chdir() used D, not Z. impact: if
+ chdir() to CONF_HOME failed (e.g., because of NFS), message
+ would be bounced. fix: changed D to Z.
+19960124 change: reorganized README.
+19960124 portability problem: Linux has the fifo kernel bug that I had
+ hoped I'd never run into. impact: messages under Linux (and any
+ other systems with this bug) were picked up only in sweeps, not
+ instantly. fix: triggerpull.c now writes a byte (non-blocking)
+ to the fifo. updated INTERNALS accordingly.
+19960124 bug: in qmail-remote.c, if quit() saw a remote write error, it
+ would call writeerr() even though a message report had already
+ been produced. impact: the mess report would include an extra
+ ``ZConnected but communications failed,'' which was confusing
+ to humans. fix: quit() now simply skips the wait-for-QUIT
+ smtpcode() upon write error.
+19960124 portability problem: Linux does not have SIGSYS or SIGEMT.
+ impact: couldn't compile under Linux. fix: added appropriate
+ ifdefs in signal.c.
+19960124 qmail 0.70, beta.