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+The qmail package includes a local delivery agent, qmail-local, which
+provides user-controlled mailing lists, cross-host alias loop detection,
+and many other important qmail features.
+There's one important difference between qmail-local and binmail:
+qmail-local delivers mail by default into ~user/Mailbox, rather than
+/var/spool/mail/user. It uses mbox format, with lockf locking on systems
+that don't have flock (HP/UX, Solaris), and flock locking otherwise.
+This file explains how to switch your system to ~user/Mailbox. You
+aren't required to do this; for further discussion of /var/spool/mail,
+and an explanation of how to continue using binmail for local
+deliveries, see INSTALL.vsm.
+The basic procedure for switching to ~user/Mailbox is simple:
+ * Move each /var/spool/mail/user to ~user/Mailbox. For safety, do
+ this in single-user mode.
+ * As root, set up a symbolic link from /var/spool/mail/user to
+ ~user/Mailbox for each user. /var/spool/mail should be mode 1777,
+ so users will not be able to accidentally remove these links.
+A few mail programs are unable to handle symbolic links, so you will
+have to configure them to look at ~user/Mailbox directly:
+ * procmail: Change SYSTEM_MBOX in config.h and recompile; or, with
+ recent versions, define MAILSPOOLHOME in src/authenticate.c.
+An alternative to symbolic links is hlfsd. Consult the documentation for
+hlfsd if it is included in your operating system.
+If /var/spool/mail is large, you can gain extra speed by configuring
+all your mail software to look at ~user/Mailbox directly:
+ * Most MUAs: Put ``setenv MAIL $HOME/Mailbox'' in your system-wide
+ .cshrc and ``MAIL=$HOME/Mailbox; export MAIL'' in your system-wide
+ .profile.
+ * elm: Change "mailbox" to "Mailbox" around line 388 of newmbox.c and
+ recompile. (elm looks at $MAIL, but without this change elm will
+ fail if two users try to read mail simultaneously.)
+ * pine: Put ``inbox-path=Mailbox'' in your system-wide pine.conf.
+ (For pine versions more recent than 3.91, see also FAQ 6.2.)
+ * qpopper 2.2: Change /.mail to /Mailbox in pop_dropcopy.c and
+ recompile with -DHOMEDIRMAIL in CFLAGS.
+Some vendors, in a misguided attempt to solve the security problems of
+/var/spool/mail, have made all their mail software setgid mail. After
+you move the mailboxes, you can---and, for security, should---remove
+those setgid-mail bits.