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+This document explains what you, as a user, will notice when the system
+switches from sendmail to qmail.
+This is a global document, part of the qmail package, not reflecting the
+decisions made by your system administrator. For details on
+ * which local delivery agent qmail is configured to use,
+ * whether qmail is configured to use dot-forward,
+ * whether ezmlm is installed,
+ * whether fastforward is installed, and
+ * all other local configuration features,
+see your local sendmail-qmail upgrade announcement (which your system
+administrator may have placed into /var/qmail/doc/ANNOUNCE).
+--- Mailbox location
+If your system administrator has configured qmail to use binmail for
+local deliveries, your mailbox will be in /var/spool/mail/you, just as
+it was under sendmail.
+If your system administrator has configured qmail to use qmail-local for
+local deliveries, your mailbox will be moved to ~you/Mailbox. There is a
+symbolic link from /var/spool/mail/you to ~you/Mailbox, so your mail
+reader will find the mailbox at its new location.
+--- Loop control
+qmail-local automatically adds a Delivered-To field at the top of every
+delivered message. It uses Delivered-To to prevent mail forwarding
+loops, including cross-host mailing-list loops.
+--- Outgoing messages
+qmail lets you use environment variables to control the appearance of
+your outgoing mail, supplementing the features offered by your MUA. For
+example, qmail-inject will set up Mail-Followup-To for you automatically
+if you tell it which mailing lists you are subscribed to. See
+qmail-inject(8) for a complete list of features.
+If you're at (say), qmail lets you type joe@mac for, and joe@mac+ for without the ee.
+sendmail has a different interpretation of hostnames without dots.
+--- Forwarding and mailing lists
+qmail gives you the power to set up your own mailing lists without
+pestering your system administrator.
+Under qmail, you are in charge of all addresses of the form
+you-anything. The delivery of you-anything is controlled by
+~you/.qmail-anything, a file in your home directory.
+For example, if you want to set up a bug-of-the-month-club mailing list,
+you can put a list of addresses into ~you/.qmail-botmc. Any mail to
+you-botmc will be forwarded to all of those addresses. Mail directly to
+you is controlled by ~you/.qmail. You can even set up a catch-all,
+~you/.qmail-default, to handle unknown you- addresses.
+See dot-qmail(5) for the complete story. Beware that the syntax of
+.qmail is different from the syntax of sendmail's .forward file.
+If your system administrator has configured qmail to use the dot-forward
+compatibility tool, you can put forwarding addresses (and programs) into
+.forward the same way you did with sendmail.
+If your system administrator has installed ezmlm, you can use ezmlm-make
+to instantly set up a professional-quality mailing list, handling
+subscriptions and archives automatically.
+If your system administrator has installed fastforward, you can easily
+manage a large database of forwarding addresses.