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+If you have glibc-2.3.1 or later then none of the software written by
+djb will compile because of an incompatible declaration of errno.
+Here you can find patches correcting this problem for software likely
+you need if you run qmail.
+To use the patches
+From the top distribution directory, apply the appropriate errno patch
+with -p1. So, for example, for mess822, you would do
+tar zxvf mess822-0.58.tar.gz
+cd mess822-0.58
+patch -p1 < /path/to/mess822-0.58.errno.patch
+In case of daemontools, you need the following adjustment:
+tar zxvf daemontools-0.76.tar.gz
+cd admin/daemontools-0.76
+patch -p1 /path/to/daemontools-0.76.errno.patch
+ In addition to the errno patch, there are two other patches
+ included here; both update rblsmtpd's behavior to current
+ practices on the net.
+ The a_record patch allows you to specify the error that will
+ be returned by rblsmtpd for a zone that has only A records in
+ it.
+ The nodefaultrbl patch changes the behavior of rblsmtpd so
+ that if no `-r' flag is given, than instead of falling back to
+ as the default RBL, rblsmtpd assumes that no
+ RBL is to be used.
+ In addition to the required errno change, the qmailanalog
+ patch also changes qmailanalog to accept both tai and tai64n
+ times. This is necessary because djb never updated qmailanalog
+ after he changed daemontools to tai64n.
+These notes were originally written by Mate Wierdl, and have been
+modified for this distribution by Russell Nelson, and then were rewritten
+by Mate again, and then added to by Russell Nelson.