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+.TH qmail-control 5
+qmail-control \- qmail configuration files
+You can change the behavior of the
+.B qmail
+system by modifying
+.BR qmail 's
+.I control files
+.BR QMAILHOME/control .
+.B qmail
+can survive with just one control file,
+.IR me ,
+containing the
+fully-qualified name of the current host.
+This file is used as the default for
+other hostname-related control files.
+Comments are allowed
+.IR badmailfrom ,
+.IR locals ,
+.IR percenthack ,
+.IR qmqpservers ,
+.IR rcpthosts ,
+.IR smtproutes ,
+.IR virtualdomains .
+Trailing spaces and tabs are allowed in any control file.
+The following table lists all control files
+other than
+.IR me .
+See the corresponding man pages for further details.
+.ta 5c 10c
+control default used by
+.I badmailfrom \fR(none) \fRqmail-smtpd
+.I bouncefrom \fRMAILER-DAEMON \fRqmail-send
+.I bouncehost \fIme \fRqmail-send
+.I concurrencylocal \fR10 \fRqmail-send
+.I concurrencyremote \fR20 \fRqmail-send
+.I defaultdomain \fIme \fRqmail-inject
+.I defaulthost \fIme \fRqmail-inject
+.I databytes \fR0 \fRqmail-smtpd
+.I doublebouncehost \fIme \fRqmail-send
+.I doublebounceto \fRpostmaster \fRqmail-send
+.I envnoathost \fIme \fRqmail-send
+.I helohost \fIme \fRqmail-remote
+.I idhost \fIme \fRqmail-inject
+.I localiphost \fIme \fRqmail-smtpd
+.I locals \fIme \fRqmail-send
+.I morercpthosts \fR(none) \fRqmail-smtpd
+.I percenthack \fR(none) \fRqmail-send
+.I plusdomain \fIme \fRqmail-inject
+.I qmqpservers \fR(none) \fRqmail-qmqpc
+.I queuelifetime \fR604800 \fRqmail-send
+.I rcpthosts \fR(none) \fRqmail-smtpd
+.I smtpgreeting \fIme \fRqmail-smtpd
+.I smtproutes \fR(none) \fRqmail-remote
+.I timeoutconnect \fR60 \fRqmail-remote
+.I timeoutremote \fR1200 \fRqmail-remote
+.I timeoutsmtpd \fR1200 \fRqmail-smtpd
+.I virtualdomains \fR(none) \fRqmail-send