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+.TH qmail-limits 7
+qmail-limits \- artificial limits in the qmail system
+.B qmail
+system is able to handle messages of any size,
+addresses of any size, mailing lists of any size, and so on,
+except as limited by the available memory and disk space.
+However, it imposes certain artificial limits:
+.TP 5
+.B qmail-lspawn
+silently limits the number of simultaneous local deliveries to SPAWN.
+.B qmail-rspawn
+silently limits the number of simultaneous remote deliveries to SPAWN.
+.TP 5
+.B qmail-queue
+rejects any message with an envelope address longer than 1000 characters.
+.TP 5
+.B qmail-lspawn
+truncates any overly long error report from a delivery program.
+It appends a note saying that it did so.