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+.TH qmail-users 5
+qmail-users \- assign mail addresses to users
+The file
+.B QMAILHOME/users/assign
+assigns addresses to users. For example,
+ =joe.shmoe:joe:503:78:/home/joe:::
+says that mail for
+.B joe.shmoe
+should be delivered to user
+.BR joe ,
+with uid 503 and gid 78,
+as specified by
+.BR /home/joe/.qmail .
+Assignments fed to
+.B qmail-newu
+will be used by
+.B qmail-lspawn
+to control
+.BR qmail-local 's
+.BR qmail-newu (8).
+A change to
+.B QMAILHOME/users/assign
+will have no effect until
+.B qmail-newu
+is run.
+.B QMAILHOME/users/assign
+is a series of assignments, one per line.
+It ends with a line containing a single dot.
+Lines must not contain NUL.
+A simple assignment is a line of the form
+ =local:user:uid:gid:homedir:dash:ext:
+.I local
+is an address;
+.IR user ,
+.IR uid ,
+.I gid
+are the account name, uid, and gid
+of the user in charge of
+.IR local ;
+and messages to
+.I local
+will be controlled by
+.IR homedir\fB/.qmail\fIdashext .
+If there are several assignments for the same
+.I local
+.B qmail-lspawn
+will use the first one.
+.I local
+is interpreted without regard to case.
+A wildcard assignment is a line of the form
+ +loc:user:uid:gid:homedir:dash:pre:
+This assignment applies to any address beginning with
+.IR loc ,
+.I loc
+It means the same as
+ =locext:user:uid:gid:homedir:dash:preext:
+for every string
+.IR ext .
+A more specific wildcard assignment overrides a less specific
+assignment, and a simple assignment overrides any wildcard assignment.
+For example:
+ +:alias:7790:2108:QMAILHOME/alias:-::
+ +joe-:joe:507:100:/home/joe:-::
+ =joe:joe:507:100:/home/joe:::
+The address
+.B joe
+is handled by the third line;
+the address
+.B joe-direct
+is handled by the second line;
+the address
+.B bill
+is handled by the first line.