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+.TH qmail 7
+qmail \- overview of qmail documentation
+.B qmail
+is a secure, reliable, efficient, simple message transfer agent.
+Users who want to control incoming messages
+should read
+.BR dot-qmail (5).
+Available commands for the
+.B .qmail
+file include
+.BR qbiff (1),
+.BR qreceipt (1),
+.BR forward (1),
+.BR bouncesaying (1),
+.BR condredirect (1).
+Other helpful commands include
+.BR maildirmake (1),
+.BR maildir2mbox (1),
+.BR maildirwatch (1).
+System administrators who want to control the entire
+.B qmail
+system should start with
+.BR qmail-control (5)
+.BR qmail-start (8).
+There are three queue-monitoring tools:
+.BR qmail-qread (8),
+.BR qmail-qstat (8),
+.BR qmail-tcpto (8).
+Incoming SMTP connections are handled by
+.BR qmail-smtpd (8).
+.B qmail
+offers two command-line message-sending interfaces:
+.BR qmail-inject (8)
+.BR mailsubj (1).
+For background information on Internet mail messages,
+.BR addresses (5),
+.BR envelopes (5),
+.BR qmail-header (5),
+.BR forgeries (7).
+Miscellaneous documentation includes
+.BR qmail-limits (7)
+.BR qmail-pop3d (8).
+This documentation describes netqmail version
+.BR qmail .
+for other
+.BR qmail -related
+software, and
+for other qmail community contributions.