AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2016-01-02fix bizarre bug: symptom: AUTH PLAIN authentication fails;HEADmasterJohn Denker
reason: waitpid is tricky
2016-01-02allow authentication over STARTTLS (not just SMTPS)John Denker
2016-01-02bugfix: unexpected AUTH would cause program to die ungracefullyJohn Denker
2016-01-02newly created files now added to repoJohn Denker
2016-01-02unrevert earlier local improvementsJohn Denker
2016-01-02unrevert otherJohn Denker
2016-01-02the big starttls patchJohn Denker
2016-01-02revert some other local improvements -- unrevert soonJohn Denker
2016-01-02revert some local improvemnts -- UNREVERT SOONJohn Denker
2014-08-04better help msg;John Denker
better behavior for -addr mode
2014-04-27boost is multithreaded by default nowJohn Denker
2014-04-27fix more bitrotJohn Denker
2014-04-27fix some bit-rot (getpid)John Denker
2014-04-27consistent names: Log1 Log2 Log3John Denker
2014-04-27get rid of some more warningsJohn Denker
2014-04-27get rid of some warningsJohn Denker
2014-01-16minor improvements to progress-messagesJohn Denker
2013-09-26defend against very active pastJohn Denker
2013-02-25add -note nnnn" featureJohn Denker
2013-02-25repair bit-rot associated with upgrade from lucid to preciseJohn Denker
2012-12-02fix some bit-rot; rename -error-exit to -strictJohn Denker
2012-12-02trivialJohn Denker
2012-12-02enormous simplificationJohn Denker
2012-12-02a more logical way of keeping track of what hosts have been seenJohn Denker
2012-12-02move spf_example here (from ~/hack)John Denker
2012-12-02minorJohn Denker
2012-12-02trivialJohn Denker
2012-11-25make code more legible and reusable; get rid of gotoJohn Denker
2012-11-25tell greylist to not check dns consistency; skrewt does it better nowJohn Denker
2012-11-25don't print blank lines in log if no valid SPF resultJohn Denker
2012-11-25reduce "junk" and other noise in log fileJohn Denker
2012-11-25Now can check to see if hostnames map to observed IPJohn Denker
2012-11-24working toward identifying the "owning domain"John Denker
2012-11-24make rare DNS errors non-fatalJohn Denker
2012-11-24decrease verbosityJohn Denker
2012-11-24new libskrewt-based code is now stable and in use;John Denker
let it be the basis for further developments
2012-11-24comments and notes on what to do nextJohn Denker
2012-11-23we have passable code for reading envelope dataJohn Denker
2012-11-23pipette ... for playing around with pipes and other i/o stuffJohn Denker
2012-11-23configure to use new "ward" in place of older skrewtJohn Denker
2012-11-23comments: plans and questionsJohn Denker
2012-11-23deal with more capitalization follies;John Denker
now passes 'testall' (more than 4000 msgs, all OK)
2012-11-23working rather well;John Denker
now using 'testall' to test it against thousands of msgs
2012-11-23major cleanup, now handles nested multipart mimeJohn Denker
2012-11-23mid debugJohn Denker
2012-11-23separate parsing headers from dumping headersJohn Denker
2012-11-23add hooks for redirecting main outputJohn Denker
2012-11-23move yet more stuff; ward.c is starting to get smallJohn Denker
2012-11-23move some more stuffJohn Denker
2012-11-23move join() to utilsJohn Denker