path: root/tools/filters.conf
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-11-25tell greylist to not check dns consistency; skrewt does it better nowJohn Denker
2012-11-23configure to use new "ward" in place of older skrewtJohn Denker
2012-07-29fix a bunch of DOS-CR bugsJohn Denker
2012-07-29implement "-stain" feature; the "-penalty" feature was a baaaad ideaJohn Denker
2012-07-29regularize log/progress messagesJohn Denker
2012-07-29implement penaltybox return-code (exit status)John Denker
2012-07-29more regularization of reportingJohn Denker
2012-07-29fix up error parsing and error loggingJohn Denker
2012-07-29much smarter about exit status conventionsJohn Denker
2012-07-29bare beginnings of a greylisting systemJohn Denker
2012-07-29teach hi-q to have a "mode" word at the front of each lineJohn Denker
2012-07-15turn off yellow zoneJohn Denker
2012-07-14allow spam checks up to 1 megabyteJohn Denker
2012-07-14add skrewt to filter-chainJohn Denker
2012-07-14enable filtersJohn Denker
2012-06-03getting filters to workJohn Denker
2012-06-03hi-q can how parse a configuration fileJohn Denker