path: root/tools/greylist.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-07-29split ltgrey (and libltgrey) off from greylist;John Denker
2012-07-23fix very small bugJohn Denker
2012-07-23implement "-stain" feature; the "-penalty" feature was a baaaad ideaJohn Denker
2012-07-22regularize log/progress messagesJohn Denker
2012-07-21ignore penalty features for the momentJohn Denker
2012-07-21dns inconsistency is just a warning for the momentJohn Denker
2012-07-21check DNS consistencyJohn Denker
2012-07-21doesn't work, don't know whyJohn Denker
2012-07-21adding some code to check DNS consistencyJohn Denker
2012-07-21don't return messy exit status codes in non-check modeJohn Denker
2012-07-21implement penaltybox return-code (exit status)John Denker
2012-07-21more regularization of reportingJohn Denker
2012-07-20fix up error parsing and error loggingJohn Denker
2012-07-20builing some features to penalize spammers,John Denker
2012-07-20add some exit-code processing; require TCPREMOTEHOSTJohn Denker
2012-07-20format stuff in columnsJohn Denker
2012-07-20greylist will now zap its program-groupJohn Denker
2012-07-205 minutes is not enoughJohn Denker
2012-07-20implement probation periodJohn Denker
2012-07-20nicer formatting of agesJohn Denker
2012-07-20add "Scan" function to greylistJohn Denker
2012-07-20might even be working : greylistJohn Denker
2012-07-20bare beginnings of a greylisting systemJohn Denker
2012-07-19add greylistJohn Denker