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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-07-29clean up error reportingJohn Denker
2012-07-23more minor polishingJohn Denker
2012-07-23minor polishingJohn Denker
2012-07-23finally () get smart about not leaving stray FDs lying around;John Denker
2012-07-23much more logical about keeping track of pipes and how they are usedJohn Denker
2012-07-23change from if-statements to switch-statements, to make sure all cases get ha...John Denker
2012-07-23progress toward cleaning up logic of various modes and how the use their pipesJohn Denker
2012-07-21ignore penalty features for the momentJohn Denker
2012-07-21implement penaltybox return-code (exit status)John Denker
2012-07-21more regularization of reportingJohn Denker
2012-07-20fix up error parsing and error loggingJohn Denker
2012-07-20much smarter about exit status conventionsJohn Denker
2012-07-20add some exit-code processing; require TCPREMOTEHOSTJohn Denker
2012-07-20bare beginnings of a greylisting systemJohn Denker
2012-07-19log some interesting variablesJohn Denker
2012-07-19teach hi-q to have a "mode" word at the front of each lineJohn Denker
2012-07-18minor upgrade to log/progress msgJohn Denker
2012-07-17fix commented-out bug; clarify variable-nameJohn Denker
2012-07-16less verbose but more informative progress loggingJohn Denker
2012-07-15allow filters to terminate in arbitrary order;John Denker
2012-07-15more complete implementation, including test fixturesJohn Denker
2012-07-15untested possible implementation of exeunt ... kill peersJohn Denker
2012-07-15pass group-ID in environmentJohn Denker
2012-07-15fancier log/progress messageJohn Denker
2012-07-15works, cleanerJohn Denker
2012-07-15working, cleaner nowJohn Denker
2012-07-15probably workingJohn Denker
2012-07-15seems to workJohn Denker
2012-07-15still doesn't workJohn Denker
2012-07-15still not reliable!John Denker
2012-07-15annoying race condition, works sometimes but not reliableJohn Denker
2012-07-15working toward a process-group signalling systemJohn Denker
2012-07-14more progress/results reportingJohn Denker
2012-07-14make 64-bit clean; add some progress messagesJohn Denker
2012-07-14Now apply spam filtering to all unauthenticated submissions,John Denker
2012-07-14better comments, working toward MODE switchingroot
2012-07-14pass config-file in environment, since can't pass it as argJohn Denker
2012-06-03pass config-file in environment, since can't pass it as argJohn Denker
2012-06-03getting filters to workJohn Denker
2012-06-03hi-q can how parse a configuration fileJohn Denker
2012-06-03add some toolsJohn Denker