path: root/tools/sepofra.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-04-27fix more bitrotJohn Denker
2012-12-02a more logical way of keeping track of what hosts have been seenJohn Denker
2012-11-25don't print blank lines in log if no valid SPF resultJohn Denker
2012-11-25reduce "junk" and other noise in log fileJohn Denker
2012-11-25Now can check to see if hostnames map to observed IPJohn Denker
2012-11-24make rare DNS errors non-fatalJohn Denker
2012-08-01smarter about top-level domains, smarter about avoiding duplicate checksJohn Denker
2012-08-01might actually have a working SPF checkJohn Denker
2012-08-01fix a cosmetic bug : no user@ in authorizerJohn Denker
2012-08-01bring sepofra over from ~/hack/John Denker