path: root/tools/skrewt.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-11-22protect against spam what would loop due to Delievered-to: fieldJohn Denker
2012-11-22trivialJohn Denker
2012-08-01might actually have a working SPF checkJohn Denker
2012-08-01possibly working parse of the 'Received: from' lineJohn Denker
2012-08-01working toward parse of 'Received: from' lineJohn Denker
2012-07-31Document some of the logicJohn Denker
2012-07-31impose some class structureJohn Denker
2012-07-30move more stuff to utils.c ... I hate duplication of codeJohn Denker
2012-07-29split ltgrey (and libltgrey) off from greylist;John Denker
2012-07-29fix a bunch of DOS-CR bugsJohn Denker
2012-07-29remove print statementsJohn Denker
2012-07-29get line-counter to workJohn Denker
2012-07-29progress toward cleaning up skrewtJohn Denker
2012-07-29regularize log/progress messagesJohn Denker
2012-07-29gaaack -- fix horrible bugJohn Denker
2012-07-29much smarter about exit status conventionsJohn Denker
2012-07-15untested possible implementation of exeunt ... kill peersJohn Denker
2012-07-15working toward a process-group signalling systemJohn Denker
2012-07-14implement size-limitJohn Denker
2012-07-14make 64-bit clean; add some progress messagesJohn Denker
2012-07-14add skrewt to filter-chainJohn Denker