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2012-11-23move case-insensitive string stuff to utils.hJohn Denker
2012-11-22ward is like skrewt, but new and experimentalJohn Denker
2012-11-22minorJohn Denker
2012-11-22move argParser to utils.hJohn Denker
2012-11-22much smarter argument parser;John Denker
2012-11-22protect against spam what would loop due to Delievered-to: fieldJohn Denker
2012-11-22absent file is non-fatal; go on to next fileJohn Denker
2012-11-22trivialJohn Denker
2012-08-01smarter about top-level domains, smarter about avoiding duplicate checksJohn Denker
2012-08-01might actually have a working SPF checkJohn Denker
2012-08-01fix a cosmetic bug : no user@ in authorizerJohn Denker
2012-08-01bring sepofra over from ~/hack/John Denker
2012-08-01possibly working parse of the 'Received: from' lineJohn Denker
2012-08-01working toward parse of 'Received: from' lineJohn Denker
2012-08-01remove huge pile of dead codeJohn Denker
2012-08-01ltgrey will attempt to create its working directoriesJohn Denker
2012-08-01smarter utilsJohn Denker
2012-07-31Document some of the logicJohn Denker
2012-07-31more-or-less secure way to use setuid featuresJohn Denker
2012-07-31impose some class structureJohn Denker
2012-07-31basically working: two directoriesJohn Denker
2012-07-31minor: prefer stdlib to cmathJohn Denker
2012-07-31repair usage messageJohn Denker
2012-07-30start handling two (or more) directoriesJohn Denker
2012-07-30scan40 appears to be working, much cleaner than last week's versionJohn Denker
2012-07-30set40 appears to be workingJohn Denker
2012-07-30get40 seems to be workingJohn Denker
2012-07-30separate dnscheck functionality from other features; clean up a littleJohn Denker
2012-07-30move more stuff to utils.c ... I hate duplication of codeJohn Denker
2012-07-29split ltgrey (and libltgrey) off from greylist;John Denker
2012-07-29clean up error reportingJohn Denker
2012-07-29fix a bunch of DOS-CR bugsJohn Denker
2012-07-29improve compatibility across boost versions;John Denker
2012-07-29remove print statementsJohn Denker
2012-07-29get line-counter to workJohn Denker
2012-07-29progress toward cleaning up skrewtJohn Denker
2012-07-29more minor polishingJohn Denker
2012-07-29minor polishingJohn Denker
2012-07-29finally () get smart about not leaving stray FDs lying around;John Denker
2012-07-29much more logical about keeping track of pipes and how they are usedJohn Denker
2012-07-29fix very small bugJohn Denker
2012-07-29shorten the #! shebang lineJohn Denker
2012-07-29the usual automatic dependency-finderJohn Denker
2012-07-29change from if-statements to switch-statements, to make sure all cases get ha...John Denker
2012-07-29progress toward cleaning up logic of various modes and how the use their pipesJohn Denker
2012-07-29create the "bash-c" program, so as to make it easy toJohn Denker
2012-07-29implement "-stain" feature; the "-penalty" feature was a baaaad ideaJohn Denker
2012-07-29regularize log/progress messagesJohn Denker
2012-07-29set program gid (not just egid) the way mailman likes itJohn Denker
2012-07-29ignore penalty features for the momentJohn Denker