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  • John S. Denker has been so kind to host a mirror of these webpages for US readers. The official site is and I will try to keep the mirror updated without abusing of John's patience. Please don't bother him with questions related to these pages but contact me instead.
  • During the lecture you will encounter some Java Applets. They have been developed using the Java Developer Kit (JDK), version 1.1. If they do not work on your browser, please let me know.
  • Be patient ... animations take some time to travel. If you are not patient at all, you can download a .tar.gz or a .zip archive of the whole tree.
  • Here you can find a gallery of some nice photos and images people sent me. I would like to extend this section, so please email me any image you feel is pertinent to this project. Be sure to include a few lines of description of what can be seen in the image.


This webpages would never have seen the light without the help from the following persons I would like to thank:

  • Marco Colombini ... well, after all I think I can put myself on top of the thanks list ... this work has been done in my spare time :-(

  • Marco Galiani who has been, as always, willing to help solving all (well, almost all) the technical problems.

  • Tilman Buntz, who is a maths and physics student at the University of Munchen and is writing a thesis which shall become a guided tour on the principles of flight for the Deutsches Museum of Munchen for students. Tilman will use some material from these webpages for his thesis and proposed himself for arranging the german version of this lecture ... so choosing to receive all the honours and the blames about it.

  • Rita Wodzinski, who teaches physics at the University of Munchen and is the supervisor of Tilman. Her curiosity on the problem ``longer path => higher velocity'' stimulated an interesting discussion. The sections devoted to the streaklines pattern are the ultimate result of this discussion and I hope they will help to clarify this common misconception.

  • John S. Denker, who wrote some very enojable pages on the principles of aerodynamics. John has been very helpful in the building of the code needed for the streakline animations. A particular thank for his willingness and for his suggestions.

  • Jay M. Khodadadi, who teaches Fluid Mechanics at Auburn University and, with the help of Mr. Nitesh Nimkar, did a very good job in checking the english version of the site. His work went well beyond a mere spell check so that I really would like to thank him for his willingness. After all he was the only one of many volunteers who actually completed the job. Anyway, I take this chance to thank also all the people who spent some time on this tedious work.

  • The students of the course of Fluid Mechanics for Chemical Engineers, who were the actual reason I started this project. In the last few years I have mercilessly forced them to carefully study these pages, asking them to correct, at least, the typos in the italian version. No hope. (Well, well, actually they found two in the english version ... hope is the last to die).

  • A note to the german version, written by Tilman (I don't understand a word in german, but I've seen my name in it so ...)
    Vorwort zur deutschen Übersetzung:
    Hiermit danke ich nochmal ganz herzlich Marco Colombini für die großzügige Bereitstellung seiner Seiten und Rita Wodzinski, die viel Zeit für die Überarbeitung der Übersetzung geopfert hat.

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